Some WiFi-Only Motorola Xoom Units Already Receiving Android 3.1 Update


Even though Motorola’s official statement on the matter was that XOOM tablets outside of those linked to Verizon service would not receive the update to Android 3.1 for “several weeks,” the internet is ablaze with reports of the new version of Honeycomb touching down just a day later. We’re thinking Motorola more likely meant that the update would be rolling out over the next few weeks rather than not launching until then, but who knows. Maybe some folks just got lucky. Any readers out there receive the update yet?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. i got the update as i woke up this morning i sent you guys a tip as i was brushing my teeth but probably forgot to specify the wifi part

  2. Motorola’s FB page stated that it is rolling out in waves starting today…I personally am still waiting!

  3. How about my verizon xoom can i get an update please

  4. WANT!!!!

  5. well if you guys payed attention at IO you would have heard the google team say that the XOOM “will receive 3.1 over the coming weeks” meaning people will be getting it over a period of time.

  6. Wish there was a link to manually install to my wifi.

  7. still waiting…

  8. I still haven’t received my update yet either. I have the 3g Xoom.

  9. I received the update this morning. The biggest improvement I’ve seen so far is with the browser. Scrolling and Pinch-To-Zoom is noticeably better. Though, Flash content still slows things down IMO (I set plugins to “on demand” to mitigate this). It’s not quite “iPad smooth”, but the best Android browser experience yet.

    The app drawer is much smoother.

    Unfortunately, the issue with laggy / low frame-rates when holding the Xoom in anything except the default landscape position remains. Srolling and swiping in portrait mode still sucks.

  10. Got my update today on my wifi xoom.

  11. I received it this morning as well (wifi only edition). and posted the whole installation process here:

    (not the best quality but you get to see all the steps)

  12. Why in phases? If Apple is able to allow updates all at once, I can’t see why Google cannot. Granted the update is over the air, but it shouldn’t really matter, especially since Xoom owners range in the thousands as opposed to millions when compared to iPhone. I’m also curious what determines which phase each Xoom will get the upgrade?? I cannot live another day with my damn widgets sized the way they are!!

  13.  I want my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to get 3.1..

  14. Still waiting for mine :( 

  15. I have the xoom wifi only that I purchased from costco. I still don’t have the new update! :-( I’m curious, what do people mean bu wifi only from version? I didn’t think version sold the wifi only model?!

  16. Just received it tonight.

  17.  This morning, I received the update on my Xoom wi-fi.

  18. after updating now my wifi bar in the right corner has n up and down arrow the will disappear and come back… does anyone know what it means?

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