Netflix Hits Android Market, Available for Select Devices


We thought we’d have to wait for the launch of the LG Revolution to get our hands on the official Netflix app for Android, but the movie rental and streaming service just surprised us by making the app available in the Android Market. Not all devices are compatible. In face, not many devices at all are currently compatible. If you have HTC Incredible HTC EVO 4G, T-Mobile G2, Nexus One, and Nexus S you are in luck. You can grab the app now and begin streaming video over 3G or Wi-Fi. Everyone else will just have to hang tight; the blog post announcing the launch says the Netflix team is working on bringing their app to the majority of Android devices. The app is available now as a free download from the Android Market.

Android Market Link: Netflix

[via Netflix]

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  1. how long before someone hacks this to enable it for other phones?

    1. not long. xda is on it.

  2. Oooo! I need to get a Netflix account now.

    1. Doof

      1. Doof? How juvenile are you? I haven’t heard that word used since I was around 7 years old. So now you’re insulting legitimate commenters? Again, I have to ask, are you sure you’re not really a child or a 40 year old with some very serious mental issues? 

      2.  Ya you should really get that checked out…

        Cactus cactus

  3. Freaking A!!!

  4. Bull$h!t!!!!! Why not for DX?

    1.  Because you don’t have Gingerbread, yet.  It works fine on my DX with GB.  The OTA should be rolling out, starting today, for the official GB update.  Then Netflix will work.

      1. No gb yet but I am rooted running custom rom and had the Netflix apk installed for months now.

  5. Ok, I just looked and don’t see it. Is there a QR code for it?

    1. Odd, couldn’t find it in the market on my N1 but was able to load it using the market and sending it to my phone.

  6. I thought it took forever to make an app because for a phone to be netflix capable it needed special hardware, but now year old phones can get it? What was netflix waiting for???

    1. its been all about DRM

      1. Yeah but I thought there had to be special drm requirements in the processor and the lg revolution would be the first phone with that processor. Now it seems like even a hummingbird chip is allowed to run it even though they said right now they needed a qualcomm.

        1. Actually, the DRM isn’t even build used. After changing the build.prop on my Nook, i am able to play shows just fine. That’s right, the Omap 3621 (3630) has no hardware problems. Netflix is fulllllll of it.

  7. Again…not available outside US…

    1. Quit whining, Netflix as a whole isn’t available anywhere outside of US or Canada.

      1. Quit being a dick. I live in Canada.

        1. that is your first problem

    2. it does work

  8. Hahahahahhaa Noobs without a real phone.
    Sadly it won’t work in Norway though -.-

  9. This would be awesome if it works with FullHDMI! wait….I’ll just dl torrents.

  10. Kind of disappointing the Thunderbolt wasn’t on the initial list.

  11. my G2 still marches on!

  12. Where is it? I didn’t see it in market.

  13. I KNEW there was a reason I still loved my trusty Incredible :)

  14. There are versions floating around XDA, but the unsupported phones don’t have streaming. But you can manage your queue.

  15. Great day for Android. Now to convince my brother to share his account with me:)

  16. What the f the g2 gets it. how come the g2x dont? Lame

    1. it’s for snapdragon processors only, right?

      1. the nexus s is a hummingbird processor

  17. No support for Canada yet again.

    1. Nobody cares about you folks up north lol

    2. Yup, and no Google Music for us either.

  18. pretty pumped to be watching Family Guy at work on my D.Inc

  19. Dx????

  20. You can grab the app now and begin streaming video over 3G or Wi-Fi.”
    Oddly worded, inferring it doesn’t work over 4g?

    1. no it was implying that 2g speeds would be too slow 

  21. No wayyyyy I just canceled my Netflix account a couple weeks ago thinking the Inc was too old to be supported when it eventually happened hahahah.

  22. Wow….this one came out of left field. What a pleasant surprise.

  23. Now this is effed up..left my Sexy Nexy for the G2x and Im missing a great app.

  24. What the F ….NOT ON DROID X

  25. No go on the DX. Lame.

  26. Umm mine works fine in canada on the HTC Legend, found an apk for it

  27. Working like a charm on my Dinc! No lag at all!

  28. First off all f yeah! Bout time. Glad I have a Dinc. Running cymod nightlies and this is lovely. Being a longtime subsciber I am happy as hell. Secondly, f the Droid X! My phone is Incredible!

  29. Nexus One saves the day yet again! Works well. Awesome!

  30. My OG Droid running GPA15 Beta is running the Netflix app and playing movies like a charm!

  31. LOL.. Before,when those with Apple devices were pointing out that having Netflix was a plus for their phone/tablet, all the Android lovers on the internet kept saying “Who wants to watch movies on a 4 inch device?” and “Who cares? I have a computer that can do that”

    Now when it’s released, everyone rejoices. Quite telling actually.

    Happy my Nexus S gets it.

    1. My evo has HDMI out

    2. I never said I didn’t want Netflix on my phone. Maybe you only see what you want to?

      1. Nah bro

        I see everything. Get some better glasses or a better phone. Google Goggles isn’t legit. 

  32. It works on Droid X too (running the .595 Gingerbread leak)

  33. No tablet support at all yet? Wow so they finally release it and it’s the worst possible release, they just want to underwhelm the Android community.

  34. Installed it on my Inc. and immediately got the low space warning. This could be bad.

    1. You can move the Netflix app to the SD card. Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Netflix > Move to SD Card.

      1. Yeah, I did that, but it still takes over 16MB of space. Time to clean house I guess.

        1. Minus the space issues, I played a movie for a few minutes and it looked pretty smooth. Heck, it even loaded quicker than on my TiVo “premiere”!!!

        2. Somethings not right there. My N1 moved it to SD with 456KB remaining on my phone.

          1. Well that sucks then. It was something like 24MB before and after moving it, it’s 16.6MB. Wonder if it’s an Inc. thing then?

          2. the incredible still has 2.2 right? can’t remember but in gingerbread moving to SD makes the file much smaller on ur phone’s internal memory than froyo does 

  35. just another confirmation the EVO 4G kicks the DX’s butt! :)

    1. So true, but there was never doubt

    2. This actually proves nothing as even the OG has Netflix running. xD 

  36. Works fine on my hd2 running android 2.3.

  37. You know all this does is conjure up android hate for those who are left out in the cold waiting. All I can say right now it’s great to have the granddaddy of 4g the device that started the 4g revolution the Evo 4g because in my world it is going out in a blaze of content glory. Last week was the new espn app as well as the Hbo app now this as the days tick down to the launch of the Evo 3d this is one happy time. I have said it before and will say it to the end of the line “if you ain’t rocking an Evo 4g then you ain’t rocking at all this is a clear example”.

    1. Must be why my old N1 recieved Netflix and has Gingerbread 2.3.4. Nexus 3 will be the most desired phone after this summer. Mark my words.

    2. I have to ask you why you are so infatuated with your phone that it is really,really creepy. I have an EVO too, but they aren’t the first or last word in smartphones and definitely not ‘4G’. I’m not trying to get into an argument, but you actually have an unhealthy attachment to your phone. Don’t you have any kids or a wife/girlfriend? Cmon dude, EVOs are cool, especially if you live in an area with wimax, but they’re just smartphones.

      1. You are a strange evo 4g owner probably someone who got the device as some kind of gift and really don’t know or understand exactly what you have. Technology is exactly that technology some of us use it to the fullest extent which most current evo owners would understand exactly where I’m coming from. Then there’s others like you which as far as I’m concerned really shouldn’t even have the device if you don’t understand it’s use point or abilities. Your opinion is your opinion which truly means nothing in the real world just take the time to enjoy learning your evo cause I have done exactly that with mines. I say to you DON’T HATE PARTICIPATE

        1.  Don’t ever speak of using your phone to it’s “fullest extent” if you’ve never rooted it (which you obviously haven’t since you’re too stupid to even write a well thought-out comment). Yet again, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. Just because a person owns an Evo, doesn’t mean they go apeshit over it acting like it’s the best invention since the wheel (*cough* you *cough cough*). Is it a good piece of technology? Sure. But it was bested by other phones on other carriers months ago, just like any other phone (or any piece of technology for that matter). Even your precious Evo 3D will be bested within the next 6 months. Guaranteed. Face it, it’s just the way of the tech world. If his opinion means nothing, then neither does yours. Heck, neither does mine in your “perfect world”, but given that I mostly use real facts in my statements, your “rules” don’t apply to me. Have a taste of your own medicine you f**cking retard.

          1.  Just out of curiosity, what phones “bested” the EVO? Even if that were the case, the EVO held ground for a solid year on top. Considering how fast tech advances and how often new mobile devices are released, that is extremely impressive. Dick Yarrell definitely goes about his words the wrong way but I do get his point. I just wish he didn’t sound like such a moron sometimes and maybe some folks would take him seriously.

          2. Okay, maybe “bested” wasn’t the right wording. “Comparable” would be a better fit. Arguably, I would think the Galaxy S phones, the Thunderbolt, and maybe some of the more recent Droid phones would fit into this category, but then again, I’m not quite up to date in the latest and greatest “spec wars”. Small case of my words getting away from me. My bad…

    3. and will say it to the end of the line “if you ain’t rocking an Evo 4g then you ain’t rocking at all this is a clear example”.”

      Sorry to hear you don’t have long to live. Not really. But I think most of us either plan on or already have moved beyond the, uh, Evo 4G. Might want to rethink your motto and maybe have it lazed off of your butt.

      1. In your case moving beyond the evo4g means what in your world?? I have moved beyond the Evo 4g myself that’s exactly why my deposit is already down to the Evo 3d and on day one i will be rocking the best android device on the market. Question is what will you be rocking???? Pretty sure it won’t be the Evo 3d matter of fact whatever you may have today does not top my Evo 4g

        1. Oh, you’ve moved beyond the Evo 4G?!? Well, according to one yarrellray, you ain’t rocking at all! Like I said, might want to rethink your motto because according to you, you just reached the end of the line. Adios, been nice not knowing you. I guess this means you’re dead.

        2. So looks like you bought into the whole 3D thing huh. Well good for you. Keep buying those evos. Stay on one track and never lose focus. Don’t let any one here try to sway you otherwise. OK now for the the reality check. WHAT kind of android user are you you never have anything positive to say about the community as a whole, only about your effing evo. Pull your head out of your a$$ android is bigger than that.

    4. Look at all the hurt non-evo owners…

      Its a great phone with the largest dev community out there making it easily the most flexible to boot.. and it keeps getting support in the industry.

      If I had bought any other phone as my first android I would be on apple by now.

      1.  did u seriously say the evo has the largest dev community? are u kidding me?

        1. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it has the largest dev community but it definitely has one of the most for Android phones in general. I would think that the N1/OG Droid have a big following too. 

  38. Just in case anyone is wondering, I just got off the phone with Netflix customer service, and they do plan on adding more phones to the compatible device list (including the Droid X among others), but he was not able to tell me how soon they would be added. He also told me that the reason they focused more on HTC devices was due to the programmers already having a WP7 snapdragon processor to code for. He also confirmed that the rumor requiring processors to have the proper DRM built in was just a myth, and that the app itself would install the proper DRM security.

    1.  Yeah, when Google released its own movies app that lets you not only stream but download rental movies to your phone, my bs detector started going off. Not that I really believed it before.

  39. Hey if anyone gets this working on an og droid please post what rom your using im on cm 6.1.2 and it dosnt even show up in the market

    1.  Upgrade your CM6 to CM7. Works great on my OG on the 3G. We don’t need no stinkin’ Evo 4G  ;)

  40. works on D2G so far, but not GTab

  41. Working on my droid x running gingerbread .595 leak. droid life has link to apk file

  42. Arghhh.. why is this not available in Canada?

  43. Having HBO Go and now Netflix is a boon to my little droid incredible. I’ve had nothing but problems with my dinc, in fact I’m on my third or fourth refurb, but I think I finally got a dinc that is functioning properly. I watch HBO Go shows nightly in bed on my incredible with headphones on so as not to bother my gf, and now in addition to watching HBO, I can start watching netflix, this is gonna be huge when traveling. Yay droid!

  44. The APK works amazingly on my Droid X!

  45. works fine on my g2. Pic quality degrades on fast-action sequences. May be better if running wifi instead of hspa+. I need to try more tests.

    Did any one notice the security/access disclosure/requirements? The netflix app want to read the system log, and monitor what other apps are running. Anti-DRM monitoring? (Kinda like the WOW anti-cheatware spy?) Just wondering

  46. Working on Dell Streak BUT audiovideo is sped up. Everything sounds like the chipmunks…

  47. No dice on my droid pro. Apk installs, won’t stream. Wifes dinc streams perfectly!

  48. Netflix is a great, inexpensive service to stream movies, and I have 2 of the phones mentioned – DInc and EVO – (off-contract and currently just running on WiFi for themeing purposes) but I never understood why so many people were anxious to get Netflix on their phone. It’s cool, and I have a Netflix account, but I watch Netflix on these big thin things called televisions. Other than once in a great while, I can’t see myself really watching movies on a 4.3″ screen (or smaller, depending on the phone). I could see how it would be a nice thing to have if you had a long train ride to work and back every day, but honestly, other than a bragging rights thing (for people who are into that kind of thing) how often are most people REALLY going to watch a 1.5 – 3 hour movie on a tiny screen? I have HBO Go on my daily driver (Thunderbolt), and I think I watched it for about 5 minutes once.

    1. My phone is part of my media system now. I have no tv, just a projector hooked up to a dlna enabled dvd player. since my laptop is on its last legs and I despise the crappy internet service I get from Clear (even though I live in the 5th largest city in the US, my only two options for home internet are Clear and Verizon DSL. Seriously). I’d like to be able to stream movies over 4G through my phone to my projector via dlna or hdmi. It’s not really about being able to watch movies on my phone, though that’ll be a nice bonus… Always plan at least two steps ahead when it comes to investing in technology!

      1. Hey I can testify with you on the suckness of Clear internet. It shouldnt be called internet. Anyway im excited about the netflix being offered as an app. But you are a very smart man to be able to hook all your media devices up to a projector. I thought I was doing something using my wii to watch movies. I will also have to get hip like all the other users here and get an HTC EVO. I just hate tmobile doesnt have it.  

  49. yay Nexus S!

  50. SCORE!! Now to just get GB on my Incredible

  51. hence the reason the evo still rules

  52. Works flawlessly on the Streak AND nook color after a slight change.
     ro.product.model=HTC Visionro.product.manufacturer=HTC
    Enjoy ;)

  53. ro.product.model=HTC Visionro.product.manufacturer=HTC

  54. Immediate low space warning AND it bricked my text messages until I uninstalled.

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