Certain Walmarts Selling DROID Charge, Too


It’s been nearly two weeks since the device was set to originally launch, but Verizon has yet to mention any sort of launch date for the DROID Charge. The device was supposed to come out on April 28th alongside the Casio g’zOne Commando and the HTC DROID Incredible 2, but LTE outages prevented them from putting it on store shelves. Those issues were fixed only a couple of days after the outage, but Verizon still seems to be reluctant about letting folks buy it.

Walmart isn’t, though. Just as several Best Buys allowed folks to purchase the DROID Charge early, one of our readers saw it available for sale at Wally World for a couple of bucks less than $300. Try and find it at your own Walmart if this is one device you eager to buy. In the meantime, we’ll be hitting Verizon up and asking them where the thing is. [Thanks Brian!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The walmart I am at is supposed to get them, but Verizon has told us atleast 5 times not to sell them. We dont have any of the phone itself yet though.

  2. lol Walmart is stupid, why would I buy those phone on a 1 year contract or upgrade when I can get it for the same price without a contract at all?!

    1. Verizon doesn’t have 1 year contracts anymore so “1 Year Upgrade” basically means off contract.

  3. $700 DOLLARS


  4. Don’t buy Samsung updates are super slow and the touchwiz sucks I had a fascinate now on an incredible 2, Bing ruins phones I’m strongly against Samsung and won’t ever buy any products

    1. @3c7c699bd6f4be2e5e8b7c01bb789273:disqus No you just dont know how to configure your phone. Fascinate is great phone you just need to know how to modify it, Samsung is not slow on updates its Verizon hold up when it comes to releasing software. BING is partnered with Verizon not Samsung.

  5. Best Buy in Boston is selling them as well as Target.

  6.  $700 for a phone with no contract? WTF??

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