AT&T to Sell the Cisco Cius Tablet this Fall


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Cisco Cius, but the tablet is once again making the rounds thanks to news that AT&T is getting an HSPA+ version, which should become available this fall. You may remember the enterprise slate designed with corporations in mind and focused on providing a video calling platform and support for email and web access. As an Android tablet the device remains fairly limited, but that shouldn’t matter much to the average consumer because Cisco and AT&T will most likely be pushing this one to business and government buyers. We aren’t sure even those types will want this thing come fall, but the Cisco name has strong ties to solid enterprise solutions and may attract a few buyers on its own accord.

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  1. I dunno about that one, the speaker at the bottom would sound nicer I guess, but since watching movies with out head phones is such a small part of what people do with tablets, I do not think this form factor is a good one.

  2. specs? how much?

    1. Most important of all, does it support FAST-EAP? I have not been able to connect to our corporate vpn or wifi since none of the android devices support the cisco proprietary protocol.
      Android devices have been useless when it comes to vpn and wifi for me.
      What’s funny is that it’s built into IOS…..

      1. Cisco has a completely rewritten vpn module that replaces the normal Android VPN config section. It is supposedly compatible with all of their remote access technologies. There is even a built-in AnyConnect client. The main thing I am disappointed in with the current demo unit I have is it is running Froyo. I’ve heard they won’t have Honeycomb on it until Q4. Otherwise it is awesome, especially if your office already is using Cisco VoIP. The Cius basically IS your hardware phone when docked into it’s cradle and becomes a soft-phone when you undock it. I would never buy one for home, especially without Honeycomb. But it is pretty sweet for an enterprise environment. Hell of a lot better than having to deal with users who insist they have to have iTunes installed on their workstations to manage their friggin iPads.

  3. it looks hideous

  4. Looks to be the tab to beat out the Xoom, hopefully its not too expensive so I can snag one.

  5. As the article states, this is being pushed to buisnesses . My old company got a few last week as they’re in contract to use these little suckers. The specs are extremely sub-par and the feel of the whole thing is very very very very (very) cheap.

  6. AT&T to Sell the Cisco Cius Tablet this Fall

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