Sharp Unveils Aquos Phone SH-12C with 3D Cameras, qHD 3D Display


Sharp was the first company to marry glasses-free 3D and Android and launch at a large scale, though availability of such handsets never crept farther than Japan. Since then, companies like LG and HTC have thrown into the 3D game and introduced the technology into their own 3D lineups, taking it another step by adding dual cameras for 3D video and image capture. Not to be outdone, Sharp is introducing the Aquos Phone SH-12C, their first device with twin 3D-ready cameras on the back. The cameras max out at 8MP for crisp images to display on a qHD 540×960 resolution display measuring 4.2-inches.

The phone will launch with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is expected to land in Japan on May 20th. No word on when or if we might get this one elsewhere.

[via Engadget]

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  1. The only time I ever hear about a Sharp phone making it to this side of the ocean is when an enterprising individual imports it themselves somehow.

    1. @chimphappyhour – how hard is that to do? import a phone and activate it on a network here yourself? i’ve often wondered about that…

      1. Well, it used to not be so hard when all we had was piddly EDGE technology and a limited number of bands being used by carriers. Now, I suspect it wouldn’t be worth the bother though.

    2. well sharp did make the sidekicks tho

    3. it’s a decent looking device but yeah, it probably won’t make it far out of japan any time soon.

  2. I had a sharp phone while I was studying in Japan, and it was quite amazing. The display was super clean and sharp, and it took great photos. @f5c4cf0a55a7f34449359cc981838c2f:disqus is right though… it will probably never make it outside of Japan.

  3. Looks like alot of people didn’t take this 3d craze seriously but HTC, LG, and now SHARP has taken the time to prove people wrong. Their is no doubt that HTC will be KING in this space but the addition of sharp is welcomed. Evo 3d will rule regardless of who joins this arena in the coming future.

    1. You have zero understanding about how Sharp fits into the picture, do you? Just talking through your hat.

    2. Ummm if you even bothered to read just the first sentence of the article, you would find it reads ”
      Sharp was the first company to marry glasses-free 3D and Android…” So much for your “educated” insights about how Sharp is only now taking up 3D technology. Learn to read you uneducated moron.

      1. Your just useless go some place else loser

        1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! What a joke! You’re calling me “useless” and a “loser” for pointing out a very stupid mistake made by you? Wow. Take a look in a mirror why don’t you? I guess you really are a child. Have the decency to admit your mistake like any real man would instead of insulting those who are correcting you. What a sad, idiotic little girl you are…

  4. How we don’t know if this is dualcore or not?? All the other specs are mentioned guess we can safely say single core here which means this is Behind the curve.

    1. So what? I imagine the general consumer who is only looking for a nifty phone won’t give a rat’s ass about “processor speed”, how much RAM it has, which version of Android its running, or even if it has 3D technology. Just because it’s “Behind the curve” doesn’t mean people won’t want it. Such an unintelligent idiot you are…

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