Android Market Now Offering Relevant App Suggestions Based on User Installs


The desktop version of Android Market has long offered suggestions of similar apps for users perusing the the repository of software for their smartphones, but results just got a lot more relevant. Rather than simply offering up apps based on category, developer, or popularity, the Android Market is now suggesting apps based on what other users are doing. While viewing an app, a new sidebar item gives us a look at what other users who viewed the same app also considered. Downloading shows us what other users with the app have installed.

It looks a lot like what you find on Amazon for suggesting additional purchases or aiding in finding just the right thing for you. Nothing major, but a subtle change that we think will bring a lot of added value to searching the Android Market online.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. I guess I’ll be the first to complain:

    Oh my God, Google is collecting my data then sharing it with the world!!!

  2. They’re inside mah head! Git ’em out! GIT ‘EM OUT! :P

  3. SMART and useful

  4. There’s a desktop version of the Android Market? Where can I find this? I’m familiar with the web version and the version on the phone of course, but a desktop version?

    1. No.

      Just use the web version.

    2. When they say desktop version they mean

      btw. I <3 this! So happy they added another feature I'll use regularly.

  5. Counting down the months until Amazon and Google join forces. In 12, 11, 10…

  6. about time. . . that’s something I actually like on Amazon–they usually present me with relevant options to what I’m looking at.

  7. Aww, they need to incorporate this into the real Market :( 

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