Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Google I/O Going for Over $1300 on eBay


Didn’t make it out to Google I/O but desperately craving that sexy white Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 handed out to all who attended? If you didn’t enter our contest to win one, your next best bet is to head over to eBay, where the Tab 10.1 was last spotted with a current bid of $1,358. No small price to pay considering it is rumored that the new Galaxy Tab will retail for as low as $399 when it is launched next month.

[via eBay | Thanks, globalninja!]

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  1. I’m in the contest and yet I am master of my domain!! Hehe. Pick me Rob, I put a bid in for one of the those Samsung tabs on ebay, but $1,300 is too much coin for me.

  2. No two tablets are worth that much money! idiots!

  3. Speaking of which, when is the winner being announced? Thought it was supposed to be Tue, 10?

    1. seriously whats up with this

    2. I’m wondering the same thing? The contest info stated they would pick a winner on 5/10/11. Guess we will wait and see.

  4. HAHAHAHA. I love stupid people with money, they make the world a better place. Reminds me of when I sold my very first pre-release xbox360 for $4000 and a pair of PS3s on launch day for $5500 and $5700. Then again, I shouldn’t talk, I almost bought an Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus keyboard (I wonder if you can get a tablet to do what the Optimus Tactus was supposed to do)
    If anyone actually looks at that link, I thought it was pretty cool that they had the golden ratio on the calculator part of the keyboard. Aside from being able to run Mathematica 7 or 8, I want a tablet to be able to turn into a keyboard like that. With swype.

  5. LOL that’s the first thing I did when hearing about this “limited edition” Tab – eBay! I’d love to have one, just because, but I wouldn’t pay THAT much for one!!!

  6. It it was Verizon LTE I might push $950

  7. Time to bid this sucker up with no intention of buying it…take that!

  8. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is for sale in Belgium for 599 EUR at MediaMarkt

    1. Must be the 10.1v which is inferior (except the camera) to this one. 

  9. Wait, what? $399? Wasn’t it announced that the cheapest version would be $499?

    1. I heard $469 for the 8.9, $499 for the 10.1 wifi versions. Maybe the 7 will be $399.

  10. Am I getting one now Phandroid?? :)

  11. gotta love ebay!

  12. That’s why I am convinced the recession is a hoax. When people were paying $900 for the first spot in line to buy the iPad 2, and people are now paying over $1,000 for a Galaxy Tab. People have too much money to spend. What recession? ha.

  13. Good point substring…however ithink alot of these people buying things at such a price often live with Dady and Momy or they are rich…often….much much. Lol

  14. Haha what a jip. I happy to have the tab but like the rest of the galaxy s line up its a cheap piece of crap.

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