Don’t Miss Deal: Unlocked Nexus One for $270 at DailySteals


Sure, the Nexus S is making the aging Nexus One look like a real geezer, but the device is still sparkling in the eyes of Google. If you want a great deal on a handset that still ranks at the top of the food chain in terms of Android updates and developer support, you just can’t beat the $269.99 price tag the carrier-unlocked Nexus One is showing over at DailySteals. Considering how hard it is to get your hands on a SIM-free Nexy these days, we’re sure this one won’t last long.

[via DailySteals]

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  1. That’s a darn good price! Just checked and it is the Tmo version just so others know w/o clicking through. Can’t say that the Nexus S brought anything to the table that made me want to replace my N1. Hoping that the next Nexus is worthy.

    1. It brought: A gyroscope, a much better camera, much much much better sound, better speakers, thinner, lighter, faster and more power efficient processor, MUCH better graphics chip, better battery life, Super-Amoled display, front facing camera, flash, actually working capacitive buttons, bigger screen, NFC.
      Isn’t that enough for you?

    2. I upgraded from a Nexus One to a measly Mytouch 4g(it was free on contract) and just about everything about it is improved(except for the display).

      First of all, the touch screen of the Nexus One is just crap. You can’t rotate in google maps. The capacitive bottoms at the bottom aren’t very responsive. Playing any game that involves on screen controls is a pain because the N1 has very poor detection with mutiple touches.

      Now with the Mytouch 4g which actually has a good touchscreen, I can finally run AND jump while playing Mario on my emulators. And for quadrant scores, my N1 only got around 1100 while my MT4g scores over 1600. I do miss the amoled display of my N1 though.

      I imagine the Nexus S would be a great improvement over the N1 too…other than the lack of LED notifications

  2. Just ordered one as a replacement for my original N1. Great price!

  3. I have one of these….. Using it as my home phone even though I no longer have a T-Mobile contract. Downloaded Groove IP from Android Market and am now able to make as well as receive phone calls…..absolutely free.

  4. can i use this on virgin mobile?

    1. Nope, in US – ATT and T-mobile only

  5. I’ll take this over that plastic piece of crap S any day. Oh that’s right, I already have one in perfect condition. @ Tfranzman….thanks for the tip by the way. I highly recommend this. Beautiful build, and stock.

  6. Bah, really wish this phone worked on Sprint. Need a replacement for my Hero bad.

  7. Does this work on Verizon?

    1. No.

    2. If only…

  8. Awesome! I prefer phones with a physical keyboard but I’ve heard only good things about the Nexus one. And $270 for a NEW unlocked phone?

  9. Wish I had the money. Mine fell out of the bracket on my bike and got run over by a car. It still worked, but the glass was all cracked up. So I sent it in for repair. HTC service is awesome and I love this phone. I’m dying without it, it’s hard for me to get through my day now while I’m waiting for its return.

    For all those asking what service it works on – T-Mobile only, AT&T if you’re happy with Edge service. Or, Groove IP sounds like a good option, WIFI only, but, there is more and more WIFI available out there.

  10. Kevin,
    I don’t know if you did any research on this company at all before posting this article but I have YET to find a positive review for this website. Every single commenter states that they either received the wrong product, defective product or no product at all. I would be very careful as to whom I advertise for on your website.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Scott. I tried calling daily steals to cancel my order but of course I was perpetually on hold and did not reach anyone. I just canceled my card instead, figured it would be less hassle than disputing the charge after the fact.

  11. I always wonder what happened to all the AT&T band ones. Did they just throw them away? I don’t understand why they won’t let you buy one, even through the developer program.

  12. Good deal for a solid phone but for 200.00 or less and a 2 year contract you could get a phone more current on any of the major carriers.

    1. yep. . . only good if you plan not to use data. if you plan on using data might as well go the subsidized route.

      1. @46637ef27cea982fe8ba92b1b0f97df4:disqus
        “Only if you plan not to use data” ??? huh?

        many people are on the loyalty android $20 smartphone unlimited t-mobile data plan.

        pop that SIM card into this N1 and you’ll have unlimited data for just $20 per month

  13. @chimp,
    If rumors are true and lg is the oem, the nexus s will look like a superior choice I am afraid.

  14. Turns out Scott was reading the right reviews about Daily Steals and I was reading fake ones. Extremely shady site. If anyone reading this bought a Nexus One earlier, I really hope you did so with PayPal. If you were holding out until now, stay away from Daily Steals.

  15. Were that there wern’t as many negative posts about the company….. Could the only real replacement for my Nexus One be another Nexus One? Here’s to hoping the Nexus [Whatever] later this year changes my mind….

  16. I wonder if they ship overseas. Probably not :(

  17. My friend said he was able to get a quick refund after contacting DailySteals, just FYI.

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