Motorola Details Android 3.1 Update, Rolling Out to XOOM in the Coming Weeks


The Android Team gave us a quick look at what to expect in the update to Android 3.1 at yesterday’s Google I/O keynote, announcing that the update would hit the Motorola XOOM first. Moto has fired out their own announcement for the update, detailing exactly what changes to expect on the XOOM when the update lands “within the next several weeks.”

Major enhancements include USB peripheral support, the new Movies app to accompany movie rentals in the Android Market, and full support for Adobe Flash Player 10.2. If you would rather not wait to experience it for yourself, the update file can be installed manually if you feel so inclined. Check the release below for full details.

Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) Software Update, Coming First to Motorola XOOM™, Delivers Support for Android Market Movie Rentals and Numerous Other Enhancements

Over-the-air software update rolling out this week to Motorola XOOM tablets on Verizon Wireless

Motorola XOOM users on the Verizon Wireless network will soon be able to rent movies, use a Bluetooth® headset during video chats, resize their widgets and more with an over-the-air software update for Android™ 3.1 (Honeycomb) that makes the Motorola XOOM experience even more powerful than before. The software update, coming first to Motorola XOOM and rolling out this week, delivers a wide range of new features and expanded functionality, including:

  • Support for the new Android Market movie rentals service with thousands of titles available for immediate viewing on the Motorola XOOM’s high-resolution display or on a larger screen via HDMI
  • Full support for the final release of Adobe® Flash® Player 10.2, delivering significant performance enhancements when viewing rich Flash content on the web
  • Resizable widgets to enable further customization of home screens
  • Support for USB-connected peripherals and accessories, such as keyboards, mice, game controllers and digital cameras
  • Expanded Bluetooth features to support Bluetooth headsets in Google Talk™ video chats and Bluetooth mouse support in addition to additional shortcut keys with the Bluetooth keyboard
  • Picture Transfer Protocol Feature support to enable easier transfer of photo files to your PC without the need for drivers

Motorola XOOM with Wi-Fi tablets and other variants of Motorola XOOM will receive the update within the next several weeks. If users have questions or need support, they can visit or, or get help from other owners on our online community at

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  1. The WiFi Only Update is ALREADY out there. It’s onn XDA, and people can flash it right now.

    1. Hey James mind pointing me to the Wifi only update page on XDA?


    2. Is that for rooted only?

  2. So still no SD card support as of yet after this Xoom update? This product has been out for nearly 3 months now, and still no SD card support?

    1. LOL at all the android fans telling the whole world not to worry about the SD card support because it would be fixed quick.

      How naiive some of you losers are.

      1. It’s not an Android issue, it’s a Moto issue. It works on the Asus Transformer.

        1. Well Moto said its a problem with the Honeycomb O/S, so who knows…

        2. So what, the hardware is messed up? Then its a Moto problem.

          If the software isn’t working, then it’s a Google/Android problem.

          Either way, the product is shit and half baked. Story of 90% of Google products and services.

          1. Maybe but HTC’s version of Gingerbread/Sense is much better than iOS. I only buy HTC devices so that’s all I care about.

          2. Rhad you sound like one of those guys that combs steve jobs pubic hairs. How is the SD card slot working on your Ipad? What about the hdmi or USB ports? 90% of you Apple seeds wish your hardware and software was half as good as moto/android.

          3. I don’t have a need for SD cards on my iPad.

            Every Android fanboy out there claims their product is superior because of things like SD card capability. When the SD card issue hasnt been fixed FOR THREE MONTHS AFTER RELEASE, and you idiots brush it off like “oh well” it’s pretty damn funny. Why? Because an SD card ISN’T F-ING CRUCIAL as you all seem to make it.

          4. SDCard is working fine on Android. Transformer has perfect use of it. All these little things (Are they little? lol, no, but you keep telling yourself that.) add up to the point were only the stupid could possibly believe iPhone is better. SD Cards, carrier choice, flash, true multitasking, notifications, widgets.. I can go on. lol, man.. iPhone really sucks hard… jeez. lol….

  3. yeah james. The article says the update can be installed manually.

  4. Still nothing for the atrix. Where’s the gingerbread update and 1080p support? Instead they spend all their efforts on a stupid tablet nobody’s buying. Motorola’s one backwards ass company.

    1. I’ll never buy motorola again, and definitely not a xoom.

      Wish that google had used another company for it’s first tablet instead.

  5. @jeff
    Read more carefully, sd card support is there.

    1. Been confirmed on motto forums that it is not.

  6. apparently I can’t read

  7. Dick
    Don’t know why your blaming moto doesn’t google produce the updates

    1. Google produces the Android version and then Moto finishes it. Things like making it compatable with their hardware (drivers in windows). and then, in some cases still, carriers will be a third set of hands on “producing” the update.. but this is notthe case I dont think with the Xoom.

      So, really an update isn’t just googles making, its a 2 or 3 team project.

      1. Thank you for clarifying that makes since…

  8. Thing I hate about updates is the waiting game…..drives me nuts! OTA updates are frustrating. I really do not understand why they don’t just make a couple of servers be dedicated to update downloads. Especially in a situation where there are not a ton of xooms on the market….just a thought.

  9. VZW said all 3G Xooms from them will be updated starting yesterday and should all be pushed out by 9PST on Friday.

  10. Motorola Details Android 3.1


  11. This is just great. Now my week old Asus Transformer is already outdated.

  12.  Got the update.  Immediately tried the movie rental system out.  Downloaded a movie, pinned it to the Xoom for offline viewing.  I went back into the movie market app and it started downloading all over again.  Still some glitchosis there.  The flash does perform a LOT better though.  And I really like being able to resize my widgets.

  13.  Still no update here in Canada for me…..  Any other Canucks having better luck?

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