Chrome Day at Google IO 2011


Yesterday was Android Day at Google IO and it looks like today is Chrome Day – make sure to follow all the Chrome goodness over at! We have a feeling they might just be announcing some Chrome hardware today.

We’ll undoubtedly have Android goodness to bring you throughout the day as well… so stay glued to Phandroid too!

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  1. YAY, they actually will release Chrome netbooks in the Netherlands too…. OMG the Dutch have not been forgotten!!! Now just hope that google movies, and music beta will follow shortly

  2. Countdown to lawsuit from Apple for using “Chrome books”

  3. EVERY IO atendee gets a chrome book! is that being given away to the prize winner tooo?

  4. I’m not sure if I want “all” my personal data in the cloud (especially with Google). But as an IT administrator ( at work and home), I see the value in this OS. That being
    said , I’m going to be waiting in line for my Chrome book ( qty 2 please). :-)

  5. Come on Google, now I have to decide between a new phone, a tablet, or a Chromebook?!

    That’s just not very nice.

    1. not going google tv? Or google light bulbs? :P

        1. Decision made.

  6. I really dont like this “cloud” based crap they are coming out with. I hope android never becomes cloud based otherwise it will be bye bye android.

    1. Lol as if most of Android isn’t already cloud based. Anyways you can stick to your physical media as much as you want. The cloud is just the future and something for people to use if they want to.

    2. yea just like how our contacts don’t save to our google account in the cloud… THANK GOD they don’t do that! and if our gmail ever gets saved in the cloud, WOW i will totally stop using products from people who create internet / cloud things cause that is like totally dumb

      1. I think he means cloud ONLY. I’m all for the cloud, but it’s also very important to have things on your device too! Backing up to the cloud is good.

  7. Am I the only person scratching their head in confusion over chrome books? Why did they just make ANOTHER platform when they don’t have their myriad of other platforms integrated or properly supported yet? Honeycomb tablets are still practiclly beta, google TV is like a step child… and now dev time is going into google books with full chrome (wouldn’t mind that on some of the other already existing platforms).

    Google is becoming the biggest offender of fragmentation in the industry …

    1. somewhat how I feel. I get the idea behind the chrome book and think it would make a good fit for someone that doesn’t do a lot with their device and isn’t into games I still don’t see why they just didn’t integrate it into Android especially tablets. . . . what do I know though..

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