ViewSonic 7x to Be First 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet


While everyone except HTC seems to have given up the 7-inch form factor in favor of 8.9 and 10.1-inch tablets, ViewSonic hasn’t forgotten about the mid-sized option. The company is slated to reveal the ViewSonic 7x, an upgrade (but not a replacement) to the ViewSonic 7. It should become the first 7-inch tablet to utilize Honeycomb and will sport a Tegra 2 chip, dual cameras, and HSPA+ support.

The 7-inch size last saw some relative success with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and is the footprint that HTC chose for their Flyer tablet. The Flyer, though new, does not come out of the box with Honeycomb (though an update is promised for the future).

More details on the ViewSonic 7x should become available towards the end of the month at Computex, where it will be unveiled. Until then, no word on pricing, though rumors suggest a June launch.

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  1. I have some questions about this tablet and OEM.
    1. Is this a Google Experience tablet?
    2. Does the tablet have a NFC chip?
    3. Does the tablet have a USB port and will it support the Open Accessory Standard?
    4. Will ViewSonic become one of the Guarantee Timely Android Updates partners?
    5. Will there be a WiFi only version of the tablet?

  2. For fucks sake Kevin. No research, again.

    Acer iconia a100.

  3. I like Viewsonic. They make nice, powerful, cheap devices, But I thought they were more known for their displays. It really doesn’t show in the GTab, hope they have a better screen here.

  4. In all honesty, I can’t look at another android tablet besides the galaxy tab. Look at the bezel on this thing, it’s freakin huge. A major turnoff. And what’s with the ugly ass pattern in the back? I think a good product is a mixture of form and fuction, and this one might have the function down but the form is just horrible.

    1. One quick thought.. as a graphic designer, I can totally appreciate your sensibility to keep the leading nice and big for your commenting system. Makes it so much easier to read. Kudos Phandroid.

  5. Forgot about the Acer that just released awhile ago and the upcomig Asus Memo aswell huh?

  6. Odd looking camera on the back lol

  7. My Nook Color running a Honeycomb build based off of the 3.0 SDK almost counts . . . .

  8. The Acer Iconia Tab A100 and Asus Eeepad Memo are 7″ Honeycomb tablets that will be released in the next few months.

  9. How are viewsonic tablets in term of quality of the build/construction? I’m sold on 7″ for the work I do, but I owned bought a cheapo tablet early to experiement with Archos 101. The thing is deathly slow…and malfunctioning because of ths screen separating a bit from the device so as to make me play games such as tapping the upper right corner of the menu button to get it to work instead of searching.. That’s the kind if issues that come with a crappy build.

    Are thew viewsonic tablets constructed as well as the Galaxy Tab that I’ve played with? Or will it quickly deteriorate like Archos 101 has?

    what is RAM?

  10. This looks very ugly. huh never gonna get it

  11. I would stay away from a Viewsonic tablet until they prove they can make a tablet with a decent viewing angle, the one on the gtab was unusable. I bought it and returned it within a couple of hours. Also, I’m not sold on the tegra 2(if that is in fact what they are using). The issues seem to be out-weighing the positives.

  12. I will not touch Viewsonic even with a 10 feet pole. Their support sucks. See what they did to the gtablet…

    1. Yeah, but its also below 400.. XDA, TabletRoms, and SlateDroid have awesome support for it. Running Honeycomb right now.

      1. Mitch how are you running Honeycomb on your gtab? There’s no source. 

    2. Your loss Elg.

  13. At this point I don’t care for tabs… I loved my rooted Nook running 2.3 but they still aren’t doing much more than my smartphone. I’m waiting for some1 to make a 5″+ Android that’s dual core so I could finally be happy.

  14. I am very happy with my Galaxy Tab… However I may give it away and get a bigger Tab at some point. 7″ works very well for a tab…iwas wrong in thinking it did not…or would not. Dont know if I would trust this brand from all I read about them here though. Galaxy …Samsung has proven themselves over and over and…you can ask anyone who knows tech and they will say Samsung are top dogs.

  15. Looks kind a okay!!..

  16. It’s all about the price. Sell it for ~$300 straight out and it could be one of the best selling Honeycomb tablets, even if it’s not the best quality.

  17. I just tested out the repligo reader app for android that allows you to mark up, note, annotate pdf files. It works perfectly. Amazing. Who needs an $80 stylus for HTC flyer when an app can do for $5. I bet the viewsonic 7″ sells $100 less besdies + Honeycomb for sure instead of a promise.

    I’m sold….So much for the HTC flyer i was going to buy.

    and thank you repligo reader; you solved my problem.

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