Get Your Very Own Inflatable Android Costume for Only $2295


We’ve seen this inflatable bad boy before as the star of those crazy dancing Android videos, but now you can own your very own thanks to SkyMall. This seven and a half foot Android costume was spotted among the pages of the in-flight shopping magazine on our way to Google I/O. How serendipitous? For $2295 it might not be in everyone’s price range, but if you are rolling in the dough and looking for a way to win Best Costume this year on Halloween, here is your ticket.


Kevin Krause
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  1. Scary

  2. $2295 for an Android costume with an old Motorola logo on it? (I noticed that it wasn’t red) I couldn’t find it on the skymall site – not that I’m not overly anxious to drop $2300 on an Android costume anyway, but if those things actually have old moto logos (or any logo, for that matter), they should be paying people to wear it for advertising for them.

  3. Does it give the option not to have the big M on the chest?

  4. Wtf. I will make one on instead!

    1. make me one too then lol

  5. i bet its a typo?

  6. I saw this in a skymall magazine

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