T-Mobile Brings Back Unlimited WiFi Calling, Teases G2 Gingerbread OTA & Plans Enhanced Caller ID/Voicemail Features


Lots and lots of stuff from T-Mobile today that I’m sure plenty of you will love. Firstly, they’re finally bringing back unlimited WiFi calling. If you have access to a WiFi network and your signal strength is spotty you can use WiFi calling (on a select number of T-Mobile phones) to ensure you and the person you’re talking to enjoys the smoothest of conversations. It’s free and should be available for anyone with an Android device with WiFi calling features. Look out for that one on Wednesday.

Secondly, they’ve informed their employees about Gingerbread on the G2. We won’t get too excited, but it does confirm that we’re even closer to getting the OTA upgrade. Owners of this phone were frustrated considering it was just one of few stock Android devices on the market and it still has not gotten its taste of ginger. Looks like we may not have to wait much longer.

Finally, Magenta’s bringing Name ID and Voicemail to Text. The two are straight forward – the former will show you the caller’s name, number, city and state if they aren’t in your address book (and if they aren’t calling blocked), while the latter will transcribe your voicemails to text so you can read instead of listen. (And we’re not so sure you should be getting too excited about that if it’s anything like YouTube’s automated captions or Google Voice’s voicemail transcriptions.) [TmoNews 1|2|3]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Tmobile stepping up their game

    1. If only they’d stepped up their game sooner (especially their coverage)!

      I’ve started my reluctant transition back to Verizon after a few otherwise satisfied years with T-Mobile, driven by desperation for a decent signal at work
      during my wife’s third trimester of pregnancy.

      My job is in the city that
      probably has the highest per capita income
      in the Phoenix metroplex, but my reception, when I have one, is all over the place. Meanwhile, the same location is awash in Verizon’s LTE, to tune of 21
      Mbps DL
      Mbps UL.

      And this is how it is all over the Phoenix area. I kid you not when I say I’ve consistently tested the best HSPA+ speeds on my myTouch 4G in areas that:

      – quite literally, have an average population ~0
      – have average incomes that would imply less access to/inclination for such speeds
      – the average age is probably greater than 80 years old

      (Another nail in the coffin was the almost complete lack of coverage in relatively populated areas of the Colorado mountains.)

      1. 0 important people live in Arizona. Nobody cares.

      2. How sad for you…

      3. I don’t know where you are in Phoenix, but in my work building, just on the border between Phoenix and Tempe, I consistently trumped my co-workers’ data bandwidths with my old Moto Cliq (up to 5.7Mbps down), and now daily with my MT4G. My coworkers run the gamut with AT&T (iPhones, of course), Verizon and Sprint. It got even worse for them, and better for me after I got an updated sim card optimized for 3G/4G, I was getting speeds up to 8.7Mbps down and 2.7Mbps up, while they never got beyond 1.8Mbps.

  2. EDIT: Nevermind.

    1. silence is golden, but duct tape is silver

  3. I sure hope the deal doesn’t go through cuzz as of lately T-Mobile has been making some very strategic moves. With their plans and phone lineups. I have excellent coverage down here n Georgia. I average about 5-9 Mbs easy on my G2x.

    1. my service and speed has been better than Verizon lately, really hoping the AT&T merger won’t happen

  4. Dude, T-Mobile is just cool like that. Wow.

  5. COOL but I had gingerbread on my G2 since December 2010. CM7 is much better than OTA anyways. Awesome that we are still getting some love though.

  6. Gingerbread rocks big time!!..

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