HTC Sensation (Not the Double Shot) Makes Its Way Past The FCC


The HTC Sensation has just passed FCC inspection and is all fired up and ready to go on T-Mobile’s HSDPA/HSUPA 4G network. PocketNow points out that the FCC documents clearly list the phone as the PG58100 which contrary to what other sites have been posting, is confirmed in HTC’s smartphone profiles as the Sensation. Unwired View of course is sticking to their guns and listing the device as the Double Shot.

We reported a possible leak that indicated the phone could launch on June 8th and with this most recent FCC filing, looks like we’re right on track. I can’t help but wonder if the Sensation will launch before its Sprint cousin, the Evo 3D?

[Via FCC]

Chris Chavez
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  1. i think i’ll pass and hold on to my g2x until the gs2 comes out

    1. I think I’ll do the opposite. If the Sensation feels as good as the N1, I’ll probably put my G2x up for sale. Nothing against the G2X, in fact it’s a really great phone. I just prefer the HTC/Nexus style build. I hope for some reviews from over seas on the Sensation since it’s going there first.

  2. ill keep my g2x, i had to return it 2x. the 1st one had the battery pull to turn on problem and the 2nd had the no service problem but my 3rd is perfect and now that i rooted it but left it stock, im good for a few years

  3. I think i’m due for a new sensation in June.

  4. T-Mobile sales rep said they were just told the Sensation will be available in June for US. But she hadn’t heard about the Galaxy S2…decisions, decisions.

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