The New HTC Kingdom For Sprint Is Exposed


When a ROM of the HTC Kingdom was leaked online a few days ago, most people dismissed it as just a code name for the Evo 3D. Today, PocketNow received a picture of the HTC Kingdom and it even looks like the Evo 3D. But upon closer inspection you’ll notice a few small differences. Namely, the button layout on the bottom of the device and even the bottom chin look a little slightly different than what we see on the Evo 3D. Could this be a completely different phone? Well, according to the leaked ROM – it is.

The newly leaked ROM suggest that HTC Kingdom is running on a 1.2Ghz single-core Snapdragon processor (MSM7630) and a possible single 5MP camera on the back but that’s where the differences end. The remaining specs fall in line with what we see on the Evo 3D – qHD display, 1.3MP front facing camera, the new Sense 3.0 and Gingerbread 2.3.3.

I’m wondering if this will be a cheaper option to the Evo 3D, maybe even the Evo 2? Either way, I’m hoping its not another Incredible S on Verizon which was seemingly released only to make the Thunderbolt look better. What do you guys think? The more the merrier on America’s #3 network?

[Via PocketNow]

Chris Chavez
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  1. With the Evo hitting its age and my personal doubt that TSMC would want to continue to produce older chips for it, this would give Sprint the lineup of Evo Shift, Evo whatever-this-is, and Evo 3D – a reasonable lineup from HTC, imo.

    Also note – the display is expected to be 4″, and also this may sport 768 MB ram, per – http://androidforums.com/evo-3d-all-things-root/328992-xda-cracks-early-rom-code-named-kingdom.html#post2644555

    Also – the leaked rom suggest this has WiMAX. Add that to the fact that it’s expected to sport the MSM7630 vs. the MSM8655, and it’s not really an Incredible variant.

    If the leaks are true. ;)

    1. But the test ROM has all the files from the EVO 3D

      1. Some of us are questioning that. Please see the link in my post above yours, and the link to XDA from there. The original idea that that was an Evo 3D rom leak may be in error. The Rider rom may in fact be the Evo 3D leak – the source site (911sniper) was in Chinese, so there’s room for confusion on this for those of us not peeling the rom open or reading Chinese.

        1. I think the Rider is in fact the Desire 3D GSM version of the EVO 3D. And that hte Kingdom maybe be another version of the EVO, but it still has the 3D apps. I read through everything. I’m Whosdaman on XDA.

          1. I lurk there, few posts under this same name, mod here at AF. Please join us and offer your insights.

            Also – with HTC France stating the Evo 3D is coming to Europe, and with HTC putting up a Sprint Evo 3D page and a www page for the Evo 3D, why do you think it’s a Desire 3D? (I think of the Evo as a Desire variant anyways.)

            And were those 3D apps – or Sense 3 components? I’m honestly unclear.

          2. I think the opposite way. Since the EVO was the first to come out, the Desire is a variant of the EVO. Who knows though

  2. If this wasn’t Chris I’d put.more stock into this article. Probably still EVO 3d

    1. Incorrect as well as unfair to Chris.

      See the link in my post below – or follow the link to PocketNow that Chris provided.

  3. great to see Sprint coming with these nice 4G Android devices with 4+ inch screens and up-to-date software on it, keep it up! cheapest plans, unlimited everything, 4G, no blocking apps in the Market, and an excellent lineup of 4G Android phones #winning

  4. Isn’t the Qualcomm MSM7630 the same processor on the HTC Evo Shift 4G, the second generation snapdragon with a clock speed of 800 MHz?
    Why isn’t it dual core? Is this supposed to be a Sprint variant of the Sensation, because I don’t really care about 3D, but if its not dual core what’s the point?

    1. Great questions! Please join us in the discussions on this in the Android Forums at – http://androidforums.com/evo-3d-all-things-root/328992-xda-cracks-early-rom-code-named-kingdom.html#post2644555

      My personal opinion – fwiw, not much maybe – is that with the great battery life of the Evo Shift, and nearly everyone wanting to overclock it anyway, this is like a good Shift+ meaning bigger screen, faster clock, less bulk from no keyboard.

      We may or may not see a Sensation variation on Sprint – if so, then all four phones could still co-exist and offer good differentiation – in my opinion anyways.

    2. It couldn’t be a Sensation variant since the Sensation is dual core and this is said to be single…

  5. You’re missing two facts;
    EVO 3D has 4.3″ qHD screen. The Kingdom leak has a 4.0″ qHD screen.
    EVO 3D has 1GB/RAM. The Kingdom leak has 768MB/RAM.

    Kingdom != EVO 3D
    Shooter == EVO 3D

  6. I think this is the Sprint version of the Incredible S, not the Sensation. The difference is this comes with Sense 3.0. The Incredible S was suppose to be coming to all 4 carriers, anyways.

    Actually, I think this might be the Hero 2.

  7. in my opinion i think its a evo 3d slider like the htc evo shift. it looks smaller then the evo 3d and looks about the same size as the evo shift and it has down graded specs like the evo slider…..just saying =)

  8. I see no difference in the button layout?

    1. no the layout is the same but there is no little circles around each one…..i got confused to.

  9. I went to Best Buy this afternoon and reserved the EVO 3D for $50. The rep did not know when it will arrive or what the final cost would be at release date. Best Buy can not even mention or advertise this device, unless someone comes in and just ask about it. I guess this will deter people from buying other HTC devices that have a known release date. I am still a little skeptic about going with HTC because of the battery nightmares, but I don’t think Samsung Galaxy 2 is going to Sprint for a while. Too bad.

  10. Getting very jealous of SPRINT GETTING ALL HTC LOVE I wanted a KICK STAND WITH Dual Core Snap Dragon processor for AT&T but NO I HAVE TO SETTLE FOR MY ATRIX and the Inspire really sucks

    1. Shouldve gone to TMO and gotten the G2X or the Sensation.

      1. i HATE Tmobile sprint is the way to go!

        1. Not in NYC, WiMax is a bad joke, T-Mobile brings in 8-10Mbps, you’d be lucky if you pull in anything over 3.5Mbps with WiMax. Call quality is also not as good. To each their own thou…

          1. Sorry, Double post.

          2. Just did a speed test on my Evo inside my house. Pull just over 5Mbps


          3. What’d you get after that 2Mbps? It’s inconsistent and the latency is crap too…

          4. Starting the test, it moves up pretty fast to 2Mbps and then slowing during
            the test crawl up to the 5Mbps at the time of that post. It does seem over
            as of right now that speed’s have drop(same location). It’s a 4Mbps now…


          5. it really just depends where you live…. i can get 8mbps here in dallas on sprints wimax

  11. Soooo…..an upgraded EVO Shift minus the keyboard?

  12. What does it take to get a 4.3″, dual-core, *NON*-3D phone on Sprint? That’s all I want, and Sprint is putting out every goofy gimmicky phone and no flagship device. The Evo 4G is old now, Sprint. Nobody cares about 3D. Give us a Thunderbolt! Give us this year’s Evo! (And make sure there’s a lanyard hole, for crying out loud! LOL!!!)

    1. How do you cry for a dual core phone then ask for “Sprint’s Thunderbolt”. Sprints thunderbolt is last years EVO. The thunderbolt sucks. Verizons phone of the year will be the LG Revolution or the GS2 Variant. Although it doesn’t seem like Verizon supports Sammy Devices as much as T-Mobile & Sprint.

  13. I don’t understand why all you people are whining about the evo 3d…. you can turn it off to 2d with the flip of a button!

  14. sprint is the king of 4G and android. #winning

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