Verizon Plans For A Droid X2, LG Revolution and HTC Trophy Simultaneous Launch


It’s that time again! Another round of possible, maybe, rumored launch dates for some of the biggest in Android. This time, thanks to a tipster over at Droid-Life, we found some interesting news if it turns out to be correct. Apparently, Verizon may be planning for a May 12th blitz of devices ranging from the dual-core Droid X2, the 4G LTE enabled LG Revolution and even a WP7 powered, HTC Trophy thrown in for good measure. Also, rumored is a May 26th launch date for Sony’s Xperia Play hybrid gaming phone which will definitely have some people excited.

The month of May could turn out to be huge for Verizon. With a plethora of Android handsets covering every price point and customer need, Verizon just might become the official “Android destination” this summer for those looking for the biggest selection in Android smartphones. Now where’s that Bionic?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. When will I get a 4g LTE phone with a smaller screen and a keyboard?

    1. Could be the HTC Merge! Hold tight! =)

      1. lol that phone is the Duke Nukem Forever of mobile devices

        1. At least Duke has a release date now.

          1. Which got pushed back, again. Lol.

          2. So if you were to transform Duke into a mobile device it would split in two and become the Merge and Bionic.

    2. Agree on smaller screen…i have a dx and the 4.3 is slightly bigger than i would like…i think the new dinc2 is a perfect size. too bad its not 4g

  2. Now where’s my next generation HTC Android?

    Seriously, come on Verizon, get on that.

    1. I’ve actually been wondering the same thing… Seems like HTC has a better relationship with certain other carriers…..? o_O

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has realized; I have an Incredible and I’m happy with it but it’s always fun to get new technology :]

        I don’t know if Verizon has upset HTC or if they’re holding out for something; perhaps the first quad-core HTC phone? A guy can dream right?

        1. well .. HTC did say our dream phone is the one after this one =)

    2. I think Vzn is still trying to sell people on the phone in question being the TBolt. Once they realize we’re not buying it (pun not intended), they’ll announce something juicier.

      1. Tbolt is selling well.

        1. I know, what I mean’t by “we’re not buying it” was we’re not buying into the idea that the TBolt is Verizon’s next gen Android device. It’s a good machine to be sure, but with specs the same as the EVO which has been around the block and then some, it’s far from being the best and brightest HTC Android handset Verizon has to offer.

          Case point, I don’t think we’ll see another powerhouse HTC Android on Big Red until TBolt sales slow down.

  3. I’m holding out until Verizon gets the SG2 unless its binged… I guess it doesn’t matter I’ll root it anyways.

  4. what is the htc trophy? this is the first i’m hearing about it.

    1. Its just another 3.7 inch HTC device. Just this one features Windows Mobile 7 and is somehow geared towards games… (from what I remember)

      1. 3.8 inch screen I believe, Chris :)

  5. I’m with smaller screen. I’m still rocking the Eris believe it or not. Its plenty fast, running gingerbread but I’m starting to get tired of looking at it lol. Can I hear an Eris 2 coming from HTC? 1ghz next Gen processor, 3.2 inch screen, 8mp camera… plz’n’ty?

    1. I think the Droid Incredible was the updated Eris. Tiny bit bigger screen but still smaller-ish.

      1. Yesterday I was actually holding my Incredible next to an Eris I’m selling and thought the same thing. Even the form factor looks like a newer Eris.

    2. Same here. I have rooted stock eris. I like the size but would like something faster, the eris is laggy. But all the new phones are large. I don’t want a giant phone. I run with this thing.

  6. At last fantastic planning by verizon!!..

  7. Who does the graphics for this place??? They’re always so thrown together.Should hire me and have me do all the graphic work! :-)

  8. Bah! Bing can be tamed, so the LG Revolution seems a decent offering:

    1. IPS display
    2. 16gb internal storage (probably 2gb for apps and the balance for media)
    3. Netflix (the only VZW device that will see it, at leadt until Fall
    4. Voice over LTE
    5. Dedicated video chip
    6. HDMI out

    If this had a dual core, it would be near perfect (sans the Bing).

  9. “Possible, maybe, rumored”? I’ll wait till we have concrete statistics before I get all giddy thanks. Oh, wait, no I won’t. Because I couldn’t care less about when the new stuff is coming out.

  10. may! yeah right did you notice that the best buy add had the bionic sandwiched between two other upcoming phones, neither of which has been comfirmed by the makers or verizon. so why is everyone jumping on this bandwagon

  11. All I want to know is where is the damn Droid 3? The DX2 came into the best buy inventory thing at the same time and it comes out a fees later. I am waiting on the Droid 3 before I upgrade no ifs ans or buts I’m gettin that phone.

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