Orange UK Gets Motorola Atrix Free On Contract Tomorrow,


A decent number of Phandroid followers hail from the United Kingdom (raise your hand!) and for those ready to re-up on a new contract with Orange UK, you’ll want to consider the Motorola Atrix, which is an absolute bargain.

How does free sound? The Atrix won’t cost you a dime so long as you commit yourself to 2-years at £35 per month, which includes 600 minutes, 750 MB data, unlimited texts, and 50 MMS. They also offer “unlimited wi-fi per month” which I found to be pretty hilarious.

Don’t think for a second you’ll get out of the Orange UK store with all that extra cash in your skinny jeans because the Atrix is free on contract. Clearly the carrier wants to lure you with the Multimedia Dock and Laptop Dock accessories that have become (and will continue to be) pretty popular. But according to the Orange press release, you’re probably a bunch of “aspiring secret agents” seeking a phone “packed full of tech wizardry” so I doubt you’re easily swayed.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Other countries gets the best phone deals. While we in the US of A get raped by greedy carriers and their contract price.

  2. In UK you get wifi from british telecom (BT) at train stations, airports and city centres and shopping malls and that unlimited wifi refers to the BT wifi service.

    Not so hilarious now is it :)

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth Jazz!!
      Moving around as I do particularly in the city the ability to use hotspots free is a big saving. Particularly as it reduces the need to have an expensive data plan as I can use wifi at home and the office and rarely exceed 2-300mb over the network with my current HTC Hero. Now if they could do a similar deal for when I travel abroad…

    2. What is Bluetooth wifi service?

      1. Shawn its not Bluetooth – BT is short for British Telecom the main UK telephone provider they have set up wifi hotspots at many key locations in the UK known as openzone normally you pay as you go or get a licence for about £5 p/m. Mobile carriers are now adding it free on higher packages

  3. woooooooooot GO UK. I just bougth a galaxy s2 for £25 a month on a 18 month contract with £20 up front its only £550 over the whole contract.

  4. It’s still a Motorola. Free is not cheap enough.

  5. if I tell you a thousand times will you guys still not realise that free phones in the UK ARE NOT NEWS in fact £35/ month is f*cking expensive for a free phone

  6. Hi, UK resident here … (sticks up hand)

  7. Excellent, I hope I see it soon in my country’s Orange!

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