Best Buy Already Selling The Droid Charge?


The Samsung DROID Charge (check out our review here) has been delayed for a bit by Verizon following some (now resolved) issues with their 4G LTE network late last week. It was set to come out on the same day as the Casio g’zOne Commando and the HTC DROID Incredible 2 (reviews here and here, respectively) coming in at a price point of $300 on a two-year contract.

We’ve gotten a few reports in of users being able to buy the Charge from Best Buy, though, with one user – Moondrius from AndroidForums.com (yes, Moondrius, you own) – actually snapping a picture of his. If you were waiting on this phone you might want to check in with your local Best Buy store to see if they’re willing and able to sell you the 4.3 inch 1GHz Samsung device. Otherwise, we hear it’ll be launched sometime late this week. (But don’t hold us to that.) [Cheers Moondrius!]

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  1. We were given explicit instructions at Costco not to sell them yet or even demo them for customers until Verizon said otherwise.

    1. you work at costco? Hook me up with discounts!

  2. I just called one Best Buy (the closer one 25 min away) and they said they were told to tell customers the Droid Charge is delayed till the end of the summer. I got real mad then calmed myself down and called the next closest one (40 minutes away). He checked and said he’s got 12 left and to come on down. So I’m off. With a little bit of luck I will be returning with my new Droid Charge!

    1. End of summer is impossible. Im not doubting you just saying that person probably doesn’t know what they were talking about. I called my local store in Albany NY and they said they had no release date for the phone. Every other best buy seems to be selling it except the ones near me :(

      1. I just got home with it. When I got there the manager greeted me and apologized and said they associate on the phone didn’t know they weren’t supposed to sell them. But since he said they would and I drove 30 minutes he would still sell it to me but just couldn’t activate it. I said that was fine. He threw a SIM card in the box and said, “Here this is so you can just call in when they announce they’re available”. I just got home and popped the SIM card in and I’m just about done with activating it online. This is sweet cause I never get lucky like this.

        1. rofl can’t believe he didn’t think you’d activate it online. wow. that’s awesome though man. cool story.

  3. I called my local Best Buy and they also have them. Running at the full contract price of $299.99 plus activation fee though.

  4. Best Buy in Lexington had them last week. I noticed them and checked one out when I bought my Iconia. Old chipset, no internal storage and $300 for two year contract… Riiiight ;)

  5. How did he take that picture, if his phone is on the table?!

    1. With a camera?

      1. lol

  6. I would wait a few weeks and you’ll be able to get this for $79 on Amazon or somewhere else. $300 is too much for this phone.

  7. I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to get this at Best Buy. I just did and now I am stuck with 2 phones and no service. The phone isn’t on Verizon’s system yet so it will not activate. Customer service didn’t even know what the phone was.

    Anyone else who got the phone been able to activate it?

    1. I was able to activate it. I can make calls and use data but i am having problems receiving texts. My port from att failed so I think it has to do with that.

      1. hmm, I will have to try again tomorrow when I go back in. I was going to just return the phone, but they had already shut down for the night so they couldnt process it. Hopefully they can figure it out.

        1. Yeah the port was my problem. My phone is now fully active. Try to see if you can go into a verizon store and tell them you need a sim for your thunderbolt. They might be able to give you an active one.

  8. Really

  9. I am new here and I have a problem with my best buy in Erie,Pa. I was in last night and they are holding the Charges. They WANT to sell one to be,but are told not to!!! I was wondering how I get them to sell me one so I can activate it online? Any suggestions!?!?!? They are nice guys, but need proof I guess.

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