Samsung Galaxy S II Pre-order Numbers Beat iPhone 4’s


In case there was ever a doubt that the Galaxy S II would be a hit in it’s homeland of Korea, Samsung is claiming that their newest flagship phone has claimed nearly 200,000 pre-orders in just one hour across all 3 major Korean carriers between Monday, March 25th and the handset’s launch that Friday.

This is a definite win over last years  iPhone 4 craze which saw roughly 110,000 pre-orders of Apple’s handset in the month of August just before it’s release. Just like the U.S. at that time, Apple was confined to only one carrier for it’s device which no doubt played a role in overall sales.

Samsung is planning on getting 10 million of the Galaxy S II’s in customers’ pockets by the end of this year which is the same number they recieved for the original Galaxy S phone. While this sounds like a huge number apparently Samsung is being a bit modest compared to rival Apple’s 18.65 million iPhones shipped last winter.

With it’s SAMOLED Plus screen, incredible battery life and kicky fast Exynos processor, I think the Galaxy S II will definitely be the smartphone to beat this summer(?). Early reviews of the handset are suggesting the same thing and I am itching to get my hands on one.

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  1. ownd.

    1. No, if Samsung did that here in the US, that would be owned.

  2. On an unrelated note, I’d be willing to give those women something bigger than 4.3 inches to hold on to ;)

    1. Pretty sure every other man is too… haha

      1. I know Chris would

        1. That is EXACTLY why I chose this pict’cha! *drool*

          1. I bet they are both men. Seriously.
            Or “Where” men.

          2. lol looking at this picture now the one on the left has some pretty big hands when you compare her hands to the size of her face, you get some pretty big man hands, the one on the right looks like that Japanese singing robot

  3. INB4, Apple sues for similar iPhone sales.

    1. LOOOOL!!!

  4. Even though the SII looks amazing, I am never getting another Samsung. I understand it is the carrier’s fault, but it seems like they do just fine pushing out updates to all other brands of phones, most notably, HTC.

    I loved the fascinate, but I had to give it up right away because it came LOCKED with BING, and it was only 2.1, so I couldn’t use flash. I also couldn’t Root it and flash a new rom at the time I got it.

    1. Yep, you’re right Mitchs… the HTC G2 at Tmo is now 5 months waiting for Gingerbread (on a stock vanilla Android) and still no sign when it will get it. Yep, those carriers push out updates to the HTC phones, but not the Sammy phones. You should read a bit before you make comments since you obviously don’t have a clue.

      1. Which phones have official Gingerbread right now? Nexus S and Nexus One as far as I know. And the Nexus One took for freaking ever despite being the Google phone. Are there any others? Has anybody else launched with Gingerbread? Has anybody else been upgraded?

        1. China’s M9 just got upgraded…..And we have a bunch of gingerbread leaks on the net so yea. I believe they had Gingerbread already ready for N1 i guess they wanted the Nexus S and Nexus One to update the same time and get 2.3.3.

      2. Your comment would only make sense if phones from all other brands got Gingerbread and your HTC was left out. As it is, it seems like all manufacturers were holding back on Gingerbread until the bugs were sorted out. Samsung phones on the US carriers were way behind every other manufacturers’ phones’ when it came to updating to Froyo. Outside of the US, it wasn’t too bad.

      3. Im not talking about Gingerbread. The Fascinate was JUST updated to Froyo in the past few weeks. Verizon does a good job updating the Thunderbolt, and all the Droids, but they were lagging far behind on the Fascinate.

        Has gingerbread even been out for 5 months?

  5. #1. how come my comments get deleted?
    #2. isn’t the launch in korea in April rather than March?

    1. Nobody is deleting your comments. And the phone launched on Friday the 28th (a few days early). =)

  6. Meh, anyone who knows anything about Korea knows this is nothing amazing. They’re very good about supporting their national companies.

    1. orrr..its a kick ass product and your being a betch

      1. No, I’m only about 99.9% sure I know what I’m talking about. Name calling AND you can’t spell, no wonder you think it’s a kick ass product. ;)

        1. It’s a shame then, you used that .01% to make that post.

          1. rofl.

          2. Hardly

          3. Wow! After that snazzy comeback and mathematical showmanship, your parents and teachers must be proud.

            See DaSofter8, told you so.

          4. Well can we agree it had/has potential?

          5. It’ .1 percent not .01

    2. Haha, Koreans are so picky about technology, GS2 is an expensive piece of hardware, they woudn’t buy anything with mediocre technology. It has nothing to do with nationality

      1. No, they really are very nationalistic. They have been buying plenty of mediocre Samsung stuff in the past after all. And saying something is expensive and that people wouldn’t buy anything mediocre in the same sentence is a very false logic statement. You’re implying that because something is expensive, it’s of better quality. This is far from true. ;)

        1. I am just curious where you got the idea about them being very nationalistic (even for a smartphone). After all, Korea is one of Apple’s biggest markets. Are you implying that Koreans are nationalistic because Galaxy S2 should never have outsold iPhone4 otherwise? Are you implying that iPhone4 is better than GS2 (even if you have never touched GS2 yet)? Wake up man, there are already some reviews out there stating that GS2 is the phone to beat as of now.

          1. No, I’m saying they are very nationalistic because they are very nationalistic. Spend enough time living with them and you pick that up pretty quick. They would buy this phone over the iPhone whether someone did that review or not. Hence my original statement.

          2. Hmmm…interesting. Are you Korean? Do you live in Korea? If so, have you lived in all parts of Korea to make that bold assessment?

          3. Then it’s puzzling. Your statement is implying that you have no idea whether iPhone4 is better than GS2 or not. This means that you really don’t know the fact that GS2 outsells iPhone4 is due to whether (A) GS2 is better than iPhone4 or (B) Koreans are nationalistic. After all, all the pieces of your statements lead to one word: troll.

          4. Your a moron. As far as I know most of the Koreans I know sport IPhones here in Los Angeles. There is no nationalism going on. Oh and by the way they buy more Lexus, BMW. Mercedes than Hyundai too. Your a chim[.

          5. Stop talking like you know everything. You come out sounding like an ass.

          6. @Yanguchong

            Did the Koreans invade or something?

            Or are you talking about Americans (who have a Korean decent?

            If the later is the case then for them to be nationalistic they would buy American products…

  7. LOL

  8. Samsung Women = Good
    Samsung Galaxy 2 = Damn !
    But I’ll Admit because i’m an htc fan boy…
    Htc Evo 3D = Oh Shit !

    1. -100

      1. Well I happen to be on sprint, & a premium member. Think about it, am i going to hop carriers for pretty much the same phone with the same specs? Nahh. I think i’m good. Look at it from my perspective. Plus i’m not about the 3d i’m about the specs. So for you sir, -100.

    2. but 3d is ghhhey. If you woulda said the sensation then maybe…

      1. Yah 3D is like so gimmicky…. And apple is so awesome and whatever else sounds popular.

        3D rocks now (got the 82″, got the 3DS, will have a evo3D) and will get even better when glasses less is perfected and standardized in future televisions. Go try it or just hate like the apple fanboys and talk about how flash isnt important because they dont have it.

        That said the GS2 is pretty badass…

    3. I consider the evo as a fail phone.
      I still cant trust any other android device besides the nexus one.

  9. Yeah Im liking the way their screens sound …thought ut may have been a joke at first but now I wants to try one out. Just that problem with the snail …to no updates. ..that isss the issue. Other than that inst pick one over the Driod Bionic…

  10. I should have waited to get this phone (recently locked in a contract with Galaxy S). I guess Galaxy S3 (in development) is my next phone. In the meantime, I love my Captivate.

  11. Cant wait it comes to USA cause I am buying one. As soon as possible…

  12. I want one, when wel it be available in the U.S.A. ?

    1. Soon. This year. Probably this summer. Hopefully tomorrow =)

  13. My gosh i want one… If only i had money to import mine! i guess i just have to wait… hope tmobile gets it and keeps it the same! haha i love how it looks,

  14. Yes, now waiting for the release DATE !

  15. Hey Mitchs, you know Sammy leaked Froyo for the Fascinate before Verizon rolled it out to their phones. Reason being Verizon was dragging their feet so they were showing, hey we’ve given it to Verizon, they just haven’t pushed it to the phone yet. And why didn’t Verizin get it out sooner, because they’re too busy adding their crapware and Bing s**t to the phone. Just thought you would like to know.

  16. And @OhSo3D. 3D is already pretty f***ing retarded on a 50 inch screen so it’s definitely going to blow big donkey b***s on a crappy 4.3 inch QHD display. Would take a Samoled + over Crap-D anyday!

  17. This is all well n good, but can Samsung hurry up and get this phone to the US??? I need some phones to test drive.

  18. Impressive numbers, but it’s missing one important fact: The Galaxy S II is being released on all 3 of Korea’s carriers (SKT, KT & LG U+). The iPhone 4 was initially launched through KT only, Korea’s #2 carrier. SKT only released the iPhone 4 a month ago.

  19. when and what company is getting it in the states?
    I miss my vibrant and my Galaxy s 4g. I now has the Thunderbolt. I love my TB but I miss my galaxy s’…..

  20. “Its,” not “it’s,” is the possessive. “It’s” is only used as a contraction for “it is.”

  21. the difference between galaxy s II and iphone 4 is so BIG that it makes no difference if the koreans are nationalistic or not (tough they are).

  22. That’s fantastic, keep them coming!!..

  23. Can someone IP Ban: Chimphappyhour

  24. I always thought the Galaxy S2 was going to sell many units. Despite the Froyo debacle in the US last year, this device is simply gorgeous and will be able to sell a lot regardless of the update fiasco. Here’s more of my thoughts: http://wp.me/p1wchx-17

  25. Mr. Chris…u promised gaming review of this phone?

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