No Android Apps or Flash Support for Blackberry 7


Most of us remember the hype surrounding RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook and how it’s QNX OS would allow users to load Android apps for use on the tablet. I know how excited some of my developer friends were about this possible new prospect. Given the similarities between Android’s Dalvik VM and RIM’s Java based system it seemed like an easy transition. However, the Playbook was eventually released without the touted Android capabilities to many people’s dismay.

Fast forward to today where RIM announced the details of their new BlackBerry 7 OS and although many hoped it would offer some core features from the QNX operating system (Android app compatibility?) – it fell short. RIM officially confirmed today that there will be no Android apps (or even Flash for that matter) on the new soon to be released BlackBerry 7 OS update.

However, Android apps aren’t entirely off the table just yet. According to RIM’s vice president of handheld software product management, Andrew Bocking, the new QNX OS may soon come to handhelds, the only problem is they will need to feature a dual-core processor which RIM doesn’t offer at the moment. He did mention they are hard at work on a more portable cellphone version of the OS and although nowhere near ready you can expect to hear more about it later this year.

What do you guys think at the possibility of a BlackBerry phone running Android apps? Is this something you would be interested in? Or will it be shunned like an Android red-headed step child?

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  1. I dont think it is a good idea for RIM. While they are losing ground, they can’t adapt too much (think of Coke’s New Coke dilemma). Also, as much as I would enjoy having BBM on my Incredible, that too would be a bad idea for RIM.

    1. Yeah, they’re kinda in this weird limbo like phase. I’m honestly confused by them altogether. Oh, well. *looks at Evo and kisses it*

  2. Maybe they like Google and they might come to a agreement with them. Think about they already have a soon to come feature of android apps on Qnx OS and making security platform features that Android seriously needs. So i guess RIM wants to be partners with Google. Idk but they seem to be adding features that seem that way. Or they are just jolly and helping out everybody? :)

  3. I’m honestly not sure where RIM should head at this point. If their big selling point is going to be that you can run Android apps on your BB then why would I even bother with the BB in the first place. I think RIM is going to have to come strong to the market with something very revolutionary in order to keep people buying BBs. A co-worker of mine had been on BB (since the BB was a pager) until recently. He got tired of waiting for RIM to bring the next “big” thing for BB. He got a Thunderbolt and couldn’t be happier. He pre-ordered the Playbook and ended up taking it back after week and bought a XOOM because he was just unhappy with the direction that RIM was headed. If RIM can’t hang on to loyal customers like that I think they are in for trouble.

    1. RIM can potentially keep their business clients. The BB experience suits some people’s needs and if you add in a native way to use Android apps I see this as a selling point to some people. However, with that in mind, they are never going to pull a huge portion of the phone market, but if they are content staying in their niche then adding android applications to their platform could solidify their current position.

  4. Keep in mind this is not the “new” Blackberry OS that was supposed be released based on QNX and (possibly) with Android app support.

    RIM announced on their recent earnings call that they were gonna play a version number switcheroo and rename the next update OS 6.1 as OS 7.

    RIM is moving in the right direction with QNX but I think it’s clear they seriously underestimated the time it would take to provide a full Blackberry user experience on the new platform.

    However, leaving aside interim offerings like the Playbook, time (in a way) plays to RIM’s benefit if they can hold on.

    More time = falling cost of more powerful hardware meaning while they aren’t aggressively advancing their handsets in the meantime. As a result, when they are out of the gate with a QNX-based lineup, it’s possible the price will have fallen a bit and they can offer a full line of handsets at a range of price-points.

  5. Even though it’s almost gone, I’ll take Symbian ANY DAY over a RIM OS. & BTW Symbian has been doing flash for years now… LMAO!

  6. RIM is in deep trouble. Big corps now supporting Android and iPhone on enterprise servers and email systems. An acquaintance of mine told me his admin walked into his meeting, took his blackberry and replaced it with a Droid 2!

    LOL…He didnt even have a GMAIL account…

  7. Well I think RIM is in trouble. If Google every pulls finger and put in easily accessible proxy settings to allow non rooted android to work in the corporate / academic environment, BB is the way of the dinosaur. Every one I know that had bought the playbook has taken it back for either a Xoom or iPad.

  8. BlackBerry has a game plan but as always it’s messy. This OS 7 isn’t really a great step though. next year things will hopfully be better with QNX on phones, BES 7.0 allowing Android and iPhones on it, as well as BBM for android. OS 7 seems to be just a way to sell a few extra devices with the old technology in the mean while.

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