MyTouch 4G Gingerbread Test ROM Leaked


The MyTouch 4G remained modern as it launched with Froyo, but now that Gingerbread’s here more than a few of you are ready to upgrade. T-Mobile has not forgotten about you, though, as they are currently testing a Gingerbread build for you guys. This one has HTC Sense 2.1 but still has that unique Espresso variant not seen on many other HTC devices. XDA has the flashable goods courtesy of 911 Sniper. We expect things to be stable for the most part but just remember that bugs and nuclear devastation may occur in unofficial builds. Proceed at your own risk. [via PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. yeay! myTouch4g rocks!

  2. About time! I’ve already moved on to Cyanogen.

  3. I’m liking the Iced Glacier ROM and hope this gets incorporated when the final build is available.

  4. hopefully (which im sure it will happen) that royal glacier will pick this up with the next update. Im glad we are actually getting some gingerbread love, to bad ice cream is basically about to come out.

  5. Will the HSDPA+ “H” be replaced with a “4G ” symbol?

    1. I really hope so, the H bothers me

  6. Just hope I’ll be able to connect a bluetooth keyboard now… Is that too much to hope for?

  7. If we flash the test Rom, will we still get the OTA update?

  8. When is gingerbread coming out,for mytouch 4g

  9. I can vouch that this test ROM works flawlessly. I’m running it from a rooted w/S-off MT4G. Yet if you really wanna try diverse ROM’s visit Android-Maisters.com by Rafyvitto. I’m running Sense 3.0 & “look-out” it’s TIGHT! Plus he has DoidX 2.3.3 for the MT4G…

  10. Who ever try gingerbread on there mytouch 4g.. does it work good

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