Toshiba’s Honeycomb Tablet Hits the FCC With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


Toshiba may finally be set to bring their tablet out as the FCC has given them the green light to sell it. This one only has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth inside of it, but we expected as much. Toshiba’s been fairly quiet about the tablet although we’ve already heard a lot of what it’ll have to offer. This thing comes with a 10.1 inch HD display, NVIDIA’s 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, front and rear cameras, 32 gigs of internal storage and a lot more. We don’t expect to go further than the beginning of the summer without seeing it. (But we’d be a lot more confident saying that if Toshiba would just name the darn thing already.) [Wireless Goodness]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. hurry it up already!!!!! I just noticed yesterday its LED screen, this should help with battery.

  2. I wonder if they will actually manufacture and sell it to the public…yeah, I’m still butt hurt from the Asus debacle.

  3. Staples info:

    Cancelled my Target order on the Asus Transformer. Going to wait to see if the Toshiba is the first Nexus tablet and also want to wait until Netflix works with these to make sure the one I get works with Netflix.

    Another link:

  4. on board Host USB, micro USB, full size SD card, HDMI, LED screen….optional dock with HDMI, 4 USB ports and charging….this is now the one for me

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