HBO Go Available Now, Actually


We were originally led to believe that HBO would be bringing HBO Go – an app that’ll let you stream a sea of HBO content right to your device for free (if you have an HBO subscription) – on May 2nd, but it’s just popped up in the Android market ready to download. They warn that select devices won’t be supported and a quick look at our list shows the Motorola XOOM and the LG Optimus 2X grayed out when trying to download. The original Motorola DROID also seems to be giving folks issues judging by Market comments.

They’re probably working on a Honeycomb-specific version of the app in the case of the XOOM, and the LG Optimus 2X has not been released in the USA. (The T-Mobile G2x should work, though.) Anyway, if you’re an HBO customer with a supported provider (U-Verse from AT&T, Charter (Beta), Cox (Beta), DIRECTV, DISH, Suddenlink, Verizon and Xfinity) you can go ahead and check this one out in the Android market. HBO assures everyone that even more television providers will be supported soon.

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  1. I just want them to release this for Comcast customers already. I would love to have it.

    1. It is released to Comcast customers. In the provider list, use Xfinity and sign in with your Comcast credentials. :D

      1. The only problem is the Xfinity app isn’t that great.

  2. I am a Comcast customer with a G2 and it works perfectly

  3. droid x not supported

    1. It downloaded to my Droidx fine. My cable provider isnt supported though. :-(

      1. hmm through the web market would not let me download did you go through your phone? Oh I am running stock gingerbread.

  4. Comcast customer using a MyTouch4G w/CM7. this app runs flawlessly! Nicely done HBO. Still waiting to see how it functions in the real world when i’m away from my WIFI.

    1. I have it through Xfinity, too. Used it just now over Tmobile 3G on my Vibrant. Worked just fine. Watched a few minutes of “Funny People” just to test.

      1. NICE!

  5. According to the article it is supported on Comcast… (Xfinity).

  6. I wish HBO, SHO, etc would go ahead and create an online only service.

    1. Totally agree!

  7. Works really well on Evo 4G (Fresh and my Sprint Galaxy Tab (stock rom)! Why can’t Netflix do this?!?!?!?! How hard is it to stream encrypted video like HBO is doing????

    1. Oh man I just downloaded this on my Epic 4G. Looks fantastic works perfectly. My cable provider is Xfinity in Bay Area California.

    2. It isn’t hard, HBO owns the content, all they have to do is make it available. Since Netflix doesn’t own the content, they have to have permission from each of the content providers. Has nothing to do with hqardware as they want you to believe.

      1. I understand HBO owns their original shows, but I don’t know if they own the movies they’re also streaming. I guess they’re just better at procuring permission from the movie studios than Netflix?

        1. HBO fought their battles for broadcast distribution rights a long time ago. Netflix is still a baby when it comes to broadcast rights.

        2. Haha, yes, I forgot about the movies, because I love their original content. Maybe they do have more pull than netflix, or maybe it’s a Steve jobs conspiracy! :)

    3. my thoughts exactly. Furthermore, the quality of this app shows that MLB really needs to get their act together with the AtBat app. The one time I’ve ever admitted an Iphone was superior to my evo was when using that app.

    4. HBO told Netflix to pound sound. Pretty simple

    5. Works great on my DIRECTV and iPhone

  8. It is for comcast (xfinity). I just downloaded it from the market on my evo, and signed in. It works GREAT!!!

  9. got it and its running on my epic using comcast (xfinity)

  10. Confirmed on the Droid 1 lack of support…. Damn I need a new phone

  11. Awseome on Vibrant, super smooth over 3g.

  12. I keep getting “This Network is restricted by Parental Controls” whenever I try to sign up. Even happens on their website. Using Xfinity/Droid X. Anyone else seeing this or have an idea what’s going on? (Xfinity site doesn’t give me a clue of a setting to change and I’m the account holder, so…)

    1. I am getting this too on a Droid 2 (xfinity/comcast)

  13. Not to sound like a broken record but……the app does work for Comcast (Xfinity). Picture quality was suprisingly good. Tested with EVO over 4G in Chicago.

    P.S. Go Bulls!

  14. FC’s everytime i try to sign in. Incredible over wi-fi

  15. Just searched Market and the app is no where to be found… Searched HBO and HBO Go??? Hmmmm a mystery… Rooted Evo… :(

  16. Amazingly, it works quite well on my Evo with CM7. Surprised that my provider (Suddenlink) is supporting this but that actually all worked ok including updating parental controls so I can watch things other than cartoons. I never get around to watching HBO on the TV and was about to turn it off on my account but maybe I will hold off on that for a bit to play with this.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better except that my carrier is sprint and I know they don’t care.

  17. Don’t see the app anywhere on the market

  18. I’m actually surprised by how well it works and the amount of content on there. The dual platform release is the way of the future, nice job HBO.

  19. Just an F.Y.I / anybody on the DX Gingerbread leak (or possibly other phones having issues) won’t see this in the market. Quick work around, go to XDA and you will see some threads with the .apk / what I did was download and email to myself, then I had an issue trying to open and install with the email attachment so I saved to SD card and opened and installed with Astro.

    Worked like a charm! :) Hope this helps any DX users running the OTA GB leak…

  20. dl and opened fine on my cliq but of course time warner sucks the sweat off a dead man’s balls and isn’t supported

  21. HBO needs to support more cable companies, Buckeye Telesystems is sadly not supported. Fired off an email to them asking when they’d catch up with their competition.

  22. Works beautifully on my T-Mobile MyTouch 4G (which is a terrific device, BTW). I was thinking of getting rid of HBO because I never watch it at home, but with this fabulous service I’m keeping HBO. Now I can watch an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm or Rome where and when I want to!

  23. For some reason, the app shows in the Market for my (original generation) Droid, yet doesn’t work on it (the app knows it doesn’t work but the Market doesn’t?)
    More annoying, doesn’t show in the Market for my Honeycomb tablet; after downloading the APK the app again launches and says it’s not supported.

  24. I think it’s great that an app is allowing customers to watch their content on the go. It’s time that people are able to watch TV the way that they want too. I was already able to watch HBO on the go because I have the Sling Adapter connected to my DVR and synced with my iPhone so I watched all of the channels I subscribed to that way. I also know that Verizon FiOS is offering this service but you have to be connected to their internet which means, technically it’s not on the go, just available on your mobile device. I work at DISH Network and I know that I’m getting the best value possible. DISH continues to give it’s customers more value than it’s competitors and the DuoHD DVR has won many awards for the technology and the 922 Sling Loaded DVR has 1 terabyte of hard drive space which is the largest in the industry. I love it and I am always recommending that people check out DISH Network and experience a value unseen by any other provider!


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