Poll: Which Dual-Core Android Devices Are You Most Interested In?


Dual-core has become something of great desire in the ranks of the Android faithful and it’s finally beginning to get widespread. Phones already released – such as the Motorola ATRIX 4G, the T-Mobile G2x and the Samsung Galaxy S II – are now in the hands of consumers. More are in the pipeline, too, with the DROID Bionic/Motorola Targa (we’re still not sure if the former will end up being the latter), the DROID X2 (which Verizon has yet to officially announce) and HTC’s EVO 3D and Sensation. And most likely a ton more we haven’t heard of yet.

Then there are tablets – the Motorola XOOM, ASUS’ Transformer, Acer’s Iconia Tab, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Dell’s tablet – I could go on and on with how many dual-core tablets are soon headed our way. Which ones are you most looking forward to, though? I know quad-core is on the horizon but until we get more of an idea about who will be utilizing it and when, let’s not consider it just yet. Vote in both polls below and let us know – we really are very curious!

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I can’t afford any of them, but from what I’ve seen, the Galaxy S II is gorgeous in hardware design(could care less for Touchwiz) and I liked Sammy’s old Galaxy Tab, so I have high hopes for the 10.1 version. I’ve seen the Xoom in person and although it’s an amazing piece of hardware, I just don’t like it. The Bionic is also looking pretty cool in my opinion.

    But, unfortunately, I’m poor without a job. Art school blows. :(

    1. I like your reasonings. Im an HTC fanboy though. They have been good to me from the G1 to the G2. I think Im sold on the sensation.

      What kind of art?

      1. I haven’t experienced any Android phone other than my Droid X. It’s been good to me as well and I’m happy with it, but it’s more so just being happy with Android. I personally think the X is ugly after seeing some of the HTC phones(and the SGS2).

        And I’m in school for Game Design and Concept Art, more specifically for concept art. About 5 more weeks until I’m a junior!

    2. Hang in there! Art school can lead to great jobs which will let you buy whichever devices you want :)

      1. Yeah, I hope so! It just sucks not being able to keep up to date with everything haha. I already feel outdated with my DX!

    3. Engadget actually said the Galaxy S II might be the best smart phone being sold. If they make a keyboard model like the Epic, I’d love to upgrade to one.

      And the 10.1 Tab looks like a winner as well. Or the Asus, both look great.

      You on Deviantart?

      1. That’s awesome! I wish I could upgrade to it. I love Swype, keyboards aren’t need for me anymore :)

        I haven’t looked too much into the Asus, or any tablets really. I haven’t felt the need to really become too interested in them until Photoshop is running on them with pressure-sensitivity, then I’d be all over it!

        Yeah, I am, but I don’t use it that often anymore. blux-art.deviantart.com

  2. Idiots!!! Read customer reviews about the og galaxy s’. They don’t keep the os up to date. They don’t care about your phone after you bought it. Be smart and stock with htc. At least they understand that there customers can’t afford to buy a new phone every 6 months.

    1. Yes but it is the most up to date phone with all the great features, we wanted

      1. What are you talking about? HTC Sensation is not up to date? HTC sensation has THE most powerful processor found on any mobile phone.

        1. yes but to 34.06% (235 voters) think the SG2 is a tad better

          1. Your right. I like the looks and of it better than the Sensation.

            This comes down to a matter of preference. Both are great companies, i just respect HTC more.

            I didnt mean to bring your choice down. I guess i got defensive…sorry =]

          2. if it was not for the SG2 i would go with HTC sensation, since i have the G1, G2, but something about the SG2 seems different ( better).

            FYI i have the SG1 though

          3. i meant i hate the sg1

          4. Don’t back off your feeling or likes just because someone else does not agree..Honestly piss on samsung htc rules period and always will rule. Android and htc has been around for a long while and htc has been an android supporter from day one…Samsung Galaxy S2 is nice I give Samsung credit for that but Htc they are not and never will be….Simple as that Evo 3d will PIMP SLAP THAT S2 ALL DAY LONG..

          5. I like the specs on the SG2 but the TouchWiz 4.0 is what would hinder me from purchasing it. That UI is way to laggy. The only worthy UI that has been made for Android is HTC’s Sense.

          6. Actually engadget did a full review on the phone which said it only had a little lash 1 time in the 12 hours of testing they did which was the zoom out feature showing ask seven screens with everything running on those seven screens.

        2. I’m going to have to question you on that one. Samsung makes phenomenal chips, and this one is supposed to be a 1.2gHz, making it as fast as anything going. And the GPU on the original hummingbird processor is actually better than the current Tegra 2 (at least in respect to drawing Triangles per second), so the next generation chip should stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

          Last, but not least, I’d NEVER be happy with any phone I didn’t root and customize, so the update side really isn’t an issue. My phones will stay up to date, and they’ll have the best technology in them. That’s why my current Vibrant is running 1800 with Gingerbread and an FFC Mod with 18 hr battery life. Haven’t found anyone with a stock phone yet who could compete with that.

          1. I second that, even if the phone comes with gingerbread in it i still root the phone, so go Samsung go.

          2. Hummingbird and Exynos don’t have the support like Tegra 2 with nVidia.

          3. The GPU in Hummingbird is weaker than Tegra 2’s GPU. The GPU in TI OMAP 4 is bit different and overclocked, that’s why it’s a little bettter, if that’s what you were thinking.

            The GPU in Exynos has nothing to do with either of those. It’s a GPU from ARM, and I’m not so sure it’s better than Tegra 2. The first benchmarks I saw didn’t show that, but we’ll see once Anandtech reviews the SGS2

        3. not it’s not the Galaxy S2 SoC is faster in every department. HTC Sensation is just a poor excuse of a make over of the old phones.

        4. Totally wrong.
          Sensation is a fail like most of HTC’s un-innovative phones.
          Its obviously gonna rape the Tegra 2, but i don’t think it will beat the Galaxy S II

          1. Galaxy S2 is nothing more than an iphone WANNABE…Htc rules and will always rule…

        5. Actually the Exynos has been found to be more powerful than the MSM 8260 Snapdragon. Plus the Galaxy S II has more RAM, a whole lot more internal storage (HTC is years behind in that area), higher quality front camera, better screen (sharper image and lower consumption) plus a better battery. The only thing the Sensation has going for itself is the higher screen resolution.

          1. Actually the image should be sharper on the Sensation since it has more DPI. The Galaxy S II has a SAMOLED+ screen though which has better contrast.

          2. Senstation has better whites lol. SAMOLED has better blacks :/

          3. I was under the impression that the sAmoled+ had more sub-pixels than the S-LCD, thus having a sharper image despite it’s lower resolution, but I might be mistaked on that one. Anyway, I’ll take better contrasts and increased responsiveness over the increased resolution anytime.

          4. @Zomby2D: I think SAMOLED had fewer subpixels than S-LCD and SAMOLED+ has the same amount now. But I’m not sure either.

    2. Your anger should be directed towards carriers, not Samsung. Look how fast Europe gets updates compared to the U.S.

      1. No excuse. OTAs are the only way to get it done.

        1. what does this have to do with OTAs? NOTHING. In USA the carriers have the final word on releases and not Samsung. OTAs he said.. lol

          1. LOL sorry, I wasn’t thinking (happens often)

            sad thing is that I knew that!!

          2. Organized team activities? They don’t begin until july right? Haha, sorry…football nerd as well as android.

        2. You sir are an idiot, i rather have Root and roms, but even then i rather have the CARRIERS upload the update.zip and flash it myself. less chances of it messing up and faster than getting and waiting for OTA.

    3. Don’t care. Galaxy S II looks amazing, and frankly seems to stand head and shoulders above everythign else (HTC Sensation possibly excluded). I’ve been an HTC guy for the last two years, but I love my Galaxy Tab, and I really want the Galaxy S II.

      1. and when you don’t get any updates don’t cry about it and say well why should I have to get a new phone just for an android update

        1. I don’t, yet somehow you feel a need to think I will :)
          Sad that you think like that.
          P.S. Everyone needs to shut up already about Samsung not delivering updates. They’ve been getting really good about delivering them overseas, and only in the US do the carriers slow things down. How’s Gingerbread looking on the Evo? Yea, I thought so. How about any other phone that’s not a Nexus? Oh, right. But hey, look at that, the Galaxy S II has it…

          1. Galaxy s2 that’s a nice PLASTIC IPHONE

          2. What the hell do you think your phone is made out of? Titanium? Please. Every phone out there is plastic, metal, or a combination of the two.

        2. Notice how your only argument is “getting updates”. Quick answer to that. Root. Therefore making Samsung a perfect phone. And actually Samsung makes the updates, cell phone companies deliver the updates. Notice how Samsung has a way to give people their updates using Kies, but US companies come out and tell you “not to use Kies because it will mess up your phone”.

          Ok. And Samsung doesn’t care about it’s customers? Samsung don’t think that customers should root their phones? Samsung released their source code for one of their phones before Verizon or AT&T, it was one of them xP, had a chance to even sell the phone.

          HTC is starting to make get ideas on locking their bootloaders. If anything, Samsung cares about their customers more than the customers believe.

    4. you are a moron… that’s what I say… it’s the US carriers that stopped the updates being rolled out. EU had NO PROBLEMS updating to 2.2 and now soon to 2.3 witch already started but was stopped because of problems. SO PLEASE go and cry to your stupid carrier about no updates.

    5. Hahahahahahahahahaha. The Galaxy S got the updates in europe you dipshit.
      And HTC are releasing new phones every 3 months so go back to your corner

      1. Thank you, i am so sick of everyone blaming Samsung. Blame your carrier it’s their fault it was delayed. Samsung has released updates promptly for the Galaxy S line.

        1. i have an epic, so im kinda a samsung kinda guy, but they should up the build quality.

          1. I can’t say the same. I own a Nexus S and absolutely love the build quality. There is no creaking at all. And i don’t really don’t see why being built out of metal makes a difference.

          2. Yea honestly i bought the i9000 cause samsung has good technology and amoled is beautiful (BTW i had 2.2 in november in canada..sry..) But its plagued with bugs! gps really poor, and i love the brand! the gpu apparently burned out on mine, warrenty covered it, then the flash memory died, warrenty covered that too… i mean the specs are great but if my damn phone wont even turn on whats the use? screw the galaxy s2, not cause of specs or software updates but for the sheer amount of lemons. If it worked right it would be great. my atrix looks like shit compared to it but it $%#in works at least.

          3. Thats weird because that has never happened to me.
            I would still recommend the Galaxy S II

          4. Same here buddy! i kinda agree with u on the build… they could do better. i’m running 2.2 n loving every minute of my battery life, gps, amoled, keyboard(use occasionally), ff camera, m i missing anything. The amount chicks i pulled with this bad boy(4real)… this thing is freaking awesome! i have massive boner every time i think, see, hear about the Galaxy S II.

        2. It’s not just the carrier. Samsung let it slip that the Behold II couldn’t handle an update because of it’s crappy touchwiz and specs. They are both to blame.

      2. Funny.

        A) Last time I checked November to to summer wasn’t 3 months

        B) I don’t care if they release new phones – Only what their doing with my current phone

        C) I like being given new choices

        D) HTC phones still are the most supported after market phones

        1. a) August->November 3 Months
          b) Agree, but I don’t have a problem with it really
          c) Who doesn’t
          d) I bet that will quickly change. Locked/Signed/Encrypted bootloaders? Nobody wants to deal with that, and that’s where HTC is headed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the sensation as hackable as the Droid X. In a word, not very. Sense only roms, and nothing past what HTC gives, nothing early, etc.

      3. I am so unsure…
        Atrix has awesome addons but at £199 am i going to give up my netbook for a lapdock? No Gyroscope sensor (not sure how it will effect it), no WMA support and no Haptic feedback, only little things but worries me as all things i use on my HTC Wildfire.

        Galaxy S2, It’s plasticey, and i hear they don’t update very often.

        HTC (sensation) internal memory is somewhat laking and have to wait till June (at least) for their first dualcore.

        It is a tough call and shows there is no perfect phone!

      4. Hey fuck you ! We dont live on Europe stupid! Samsung screws people over in America! My sister never got the update for her epic..you shouldnt have to go out and find the updates, the phone makers are supposed to get them to u!

        1. How sexy is ur sis??

          1. Probably unsexy since they are related

    6. I am running Gingerbread on my AT&T Captivate. The upgrade directions are so simple my Grandma can follow them. If you wait around for carrier upgrades you are the idiot.

      1. I just rooted the captivate and putting a rom on it is a nightmare. You needs samsung’s ODIN crap. You probably have never rooted an HTC phone. Go0 over to their forums if you want to see easy.

    7. yah the users have spoken. most of us are gonna be picking up the new SGS2. it’s a really nice looking phone

    8. Yeah I can’t wait for 2.3 on my G2!
      How long has it been now?

      1. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had Gingerbread on my phone thanks to CM7. Cyanogen and the team are the best!!

    9. Hmmmm…smart like locking down bootloaders so you can fully utilize the hardware you paid for??? If they werent doing that, I would agree 100% with you. But it appears that custom kernels on HTC devices is a thing of the past.

      1. HTC has used locked, signed bootloaders on all of their phones for quite some time (Evo had it) and it’s never been a problem.

        You’re confusing that with Motorola’s encrypted bootloaders.

    10. Samsung has the worst support in the business. If these tablets have any issues on release don’t count on Samsung fixing them. They’re to busy worrying about the next device they’re going to sell.

    11. I have to agree with that. Sammy is not the best with updates whatsoever. Hell I own a Motorola Cliq and feel your pain. I won’t ever back a company up that forgets about their customers. So im leaning toward the LG G2x as my next purchase. LG is just coming into the smartphone market with this beast and I’m sure they have learned what Android based customers want. Here’s to *crossing my fingers* they pull it off correctly.

    12. Idiot you don’t realize you can root it and put whatever you want on it. Be smart and think before you yack. Hardware specs ftw.

      1. I have & that’s what has made me stay with my phone for this long. Running CM6 with plenty of doo-dads, doo hickys & whistles on it..you “IDIOT”!

    13. Good news my Vibrant is rooted anyways so when they release updates doesn’t matter a whole lot to me because XDA has me covered.

    14. Really? Is that why the Galaxy S was one of the only phones which received 2 major firmware updates within 6months?

      You americans and your carriers…don’t deserve the SGS2 !!!

    15. gagbMy friend. Samsung updates all right outside USA. It makes me think the issue are the providers not samsung

    16. Hey man ur right..Samsung never sent out the ota updates for the epic 4g and never will!

    17. I have HTC Desire HD. Guess what, it is 4.3″ and battery only 1230 mAH?? What did they think when they made the screen larger and battery smaller? My battery runs down by noon. I have to carry 2 spare batteries with me in addition to stock to get me through the day. I hate it. Oh by the way. Talking about the update…..where is my 2.3 update??? Long waited, now i’m gonna sell it and buy Galaxy s II.

  3. HTC Sensation with NFC

  4. The next Nexus phone for me…. LG quad core :)

    1. Lol your battery will last about an hour give or take

      1. that’s what everybody was saying about dual cores.. and they last longer than single cores.. please stop posting stupid facts and think before you write anything.

        1. I don’t care about the dual cores.
          The CPU is a minority when it comes to battery life in comparison with the Screen.
          I’m pretty confident that if LG are going to make it, its gonna have the Nova display, which consumes little power.
          And actually you should think about your last line before posting again.

          1. Why should I think about it? Did I say something that isn’t true? If I did tell me please…

            The Nova display is nice, but how do you know how much power does it use? I can’t find anything on that.Since the S2 can go 2-3 day on normal use and the G2X for about 2 days max I’m gonna say that SAMOLED+ is more efficient than NOVA. Sure it doesn’t produce 700 nit of brightness but you don’t need that much anyway.

            And the CPU certainly isn’t a minority when it comes to battery life. Go and play a game on a single core and a dual core. there is a significant difference.

          2. I think the Nova display uses less battery, and is brighter, but i still prefer the Super Amoled because of the colors and other benefits.
            And if any smartphone can go more than one day then that’s weird :S
            My Nexus S goes around 1 day with much use.
            I can make it last more, but i don’t want to avoid that beautiful screen :3

          3. I agree about the SAMOLED :D It’s nice. The SAMOLED+ is much much nicer to look at than SAMOLED. I’ve seen it and I was surprised that it got even better. My Nexus One has nicer colors than any LCD I’ve seen and I put it beside a iPhone 4 and the colors are still better to my eyes.

      2. I don’t think so.
        The Nexus phones have good batteries :3

      3. wow u iz dumbz

    2. You and me both, nexus 3 all the way

    3. I’m not so sure about LG.
      I want to keep the Super Amoled from my Nexus S, but i watn a new processor.
      But I definitely don’t want any LG design things (ugly metal on the back.. ugh…..)

  5. Htc Evo 3d is number one in this camp no doubt…

      1. Its 4th

        1. What makes it 4th? Personally, I would never purchase anything from Samsung or Motorola so that automatically eliminates a few devices from this list for me. EVO 3D is a solid 3rd, maybe 2nd at best.

          1. Samsung and Motorola are the only Android manufacturers that make good phones.
            HTC made the G1, its was awesome, then the Magic, the same hardware with more RAM, and no hardware keyboard, then the Hero, which is a magic with a 3.5 Mm headphone jack.
            Thats 3 releases with the same specs, and that equals = Scam.
            And not to mention Desire, Desire HD, G2 (Desire-Z), Incredible S, Desire S, Wildfire, and more like Salsa.
            And to top the shitcake they add a horrible tablet.
            Seriously HTC, shape up.
            I won’t buy any of their phones again because of the 15 % better build quality.

          2. The part you failed to mention was that the Hero was originally created as a port to US markets. HTC makes the most reliable phones of any of the manufacturers you mentioned. If you want to buy phones that don’t get updated or have locked bootloaders, that’s on you.

          3. I would say Moto & Sammy definetly make great built phones but there customer appreciation is horrendous! That’s #1 over any fancy smancy sh!t they manufacture. In the long run that what make a company fail..poor customer support. HTC has it in the bag with that concept and LG is barely getting a try at it. To his his own I say but after enough time being in the Android eco system Moto & Sammy are starting to drop the ball bigtime!

          4. the poll

    1. It’s 4th, Galaxy S2 is a much better device anyways, just like the Galaxy S is better than the Evo.

      1. I hate samsung and motorola because their phones are more locked down.

        Htc phones are able to get new roms the fastest since they aren’t as locked down.

        1. Moto promised to stop…

          1. Although they said that, they haven’t yet, and when they do, their phones will still be more locked down then htc’s phones.

          2. … as long as carriers agreed to it. Wich mean they’ll keep locking their phones but they will put the blame on carriers from now on.

        2. Samsung phones are not locked down buddy. Htc phones have been locked down lately, all the galaxy s phones have been really easy to root

          1. I know that galaxy s phones are easy to root, but I thought they were encrypted, making it hard for the developers, such as cyanogen, to create custom roms for it?

          2. No no, Motorola’s bootloaders are encrypted, HTC’s are locked. Samsung is the only manufacturer with completely open bootloaders. And actually, same with LG. So HTC phones are actually more locked down.


        1. Obviously not since we don’t live there. We live on planet Earth, so logically, here.

    2. Actually, it’s fourth. There are more people interested in the Galaxy S II than in both HTC phones put together.

    3. Shocking….

    4. Everyone please just ignore/don’t reply to this guy? PLEASE?
      He is just trying to get attention. He seems to think every article posted on here is about HTC and its EVO 3D.

      I mean look at him ↖ Just don’t feed this idiot

  6. Wont this be skewed depending on what carrier you have? I really can’t look forward to the sensation or G2x, I cant have them…….

    1. You only cant have the offerings from tmobile?

      1. Ha didn’t even notice I did that. Point being, the carrier you have is the phones you’re going to be excited about

  7. I’m shocked the Transformer is getting so much attention. It’s got so many shortcomings.

    1. Asus is well respected it. Respect the pouch!! Respect it!

    2. Shortcomings? like what?

      1. Like no onboard USB to name one. You need to connect to the keyboard for that. This is why I opted to go with the Acer.

        FWIW, I have two ASUS laptops.

  8. I’m kind of waiting on Sprint to have a good decent dual core phone that can even play Dungeon Defender smoothly, not sure if the Evo 3D can even do that…. SGSII is tempting but after having the Epic 4G, I’m skeptical on their slow updates… I wish Sprint have a Tegra 2 smartphone :( . . . . only option I have is the Transformer :)

    1. The Evo 3D wont have tegra 2 but it will have dual cores.

      Tegra is just a name brand

    2. EVO 3D has the Adreno 220 GPU in it which benchmarks shit all over the Tegra 2’s benchmarks. Do some research.

  9. Im amazed how many people want a samsung phone given their record for slow updates and difficulty getting AOSP built ROMs to work on them. Different strokes for different folks

    1. and those people will be the same crying over updates after the phone has been out a while

      1. And I am equally amazed at how many people want an HTC with batteries that are just slightly better than cramming cowshit under the battery cover.

    2. Seconded. I have an Epic and while I love the hardware, the update fiasco that Samsung/Sprint/??? has put us through(released way behind initial os release, updates recalled, updates full of bugs when finally released, etc.) has left a bad taste in my mouth. I am switching to HTC since they seem to be quite committed to timely updates on their flagship devices. EVO 3D here I come!

      1. Thats the carriers faults.
        In Europe there were no probems with updates.
        And “Normal” people root their phone, so thats not a problem anyway

        1. Well not everyone does root, or even have the aptitude to do so. I’m running the Syndicate Frozen Rom which is very nice. The GPS fiasco was not Sprint’s fault it was cooked into the ROM, everyone had the issue. EC05 kernel still has some issues, even with a custom ROM.

          1. If you don’t root, then don’t get a smartphone?
            Thats my thoughts

          2. I like how people read some arbitrary post online about US Galaxy updates being the carriers fault and believe it to be fact. This could not be further from the truth. You think all the US carriers got together and decided to piss off their customers who own Galaxy devices while providing updates for every other manufacturers phones? Learn to embrace independent thought. I work for one of the carriers that supposedly held back the Samsung update and can tell you for certain that it was not the US Carriers holding back the OTA.

          3. Why root? When I rooted my phone, the only features I’ve used was music widget on home screen, overclocking, tethering, and taking screen shots. I risked bricking my phone for those measly features which is now on stock. LG seems to be the closest to giving people root like phones while being stock.

            Face it, people on root so they can tether. LoL!!

      2. And HTC just released the Thunderbolt with 2.2.2 how is that committed to keeping them up to date. it should have came with 2.3.3 already


        1. Still a better track record than Samsung, we just got 2.2 in March, it’s been out for almost a year.

          1. Actually, Samsung updated their Galaxy S to 2.2 last september but the US carriers needed a few months to add their bloatware. And now they have been updated to 2.3

          2. And you blame Samsung, it definitely looks like you don’t know what you are talking about. Blame your carrier!! It’s their fault, every version of the SGS received updates promptly that didn’t go through the carrier.

          3. yeah carriers fault not Samsungs

    3. well yeah i was with the behold 2 and i was aware of the SGS but c’mon the updates were released and the carriers took forever, and also they are uploading their source code now even before some phones come out. that beats what every other manufacturer is doing now. currently have the G2 but SGS2 might be my next phone.

    4. Obviously you think Android is for the U.S and U.S only. Tired of these noobs writing on here when in fact the U.S doesn’t get the SGS- i9000 (ORIGINAL). You get different iterations of it. Get over it. Why are you even on this article? Just to troll? Don’t come in here, don’t buy it and move on.

  10. HTC FTW:-D

    Oh and yeah, give me one of those Acer Iconia or Motorola xoom.

  11. EVO 3D 4G #OfCourse

    1. The only reason I am not interested in HTC right now is the fact that they are locking their shit down. Samsung said they would not be encrypting their bootloaders and I have been very happy with the Epic. TEAM SAMSUNG!

      1. HTC has had locked bootloaders since the G1, even the Nexus One has a locked bootloader. They are, obviously, unlockable, however. The confusion generally lies between locked bootloaders and encrypted bootloaders. Good example: I used to own a Droid 1 and the bootloader wasn’t encrypted meaning that I could flash custom ROMs built from an updated source (I was running Froyo on my Droid well before the official release.) Then for reasons that are irrelevant, I had to switch to a Droid2 – which has an encrypted bootloader – meaning that while you can root it and flash custom ROMs on it, you’re never going to a custom ROM built on, say, Gingerbread until Motorola releases the official build first. Simply put, phones with encrypted bootloaders can only have ROMs built around the current build.

  12. How does the Optimus 3D/LG Thrill not make the poll?

    1. Its not available, and it looks like it won’t be out for a while.

    2. lg3d not match for evo3d….never…..

      1. What the hell is “lg3d”? The devices he stated were either “Optimus 3D” or “LG Thrill”, not a combination of the two. Idiot. And good job at your grammar/spelling. You sound like a dumb caveman. Literally.

      2. Yeah I’d rather have an Evo 3D (love Sense and Gingerbread out of the box sounds great, qHD also sounds nice) but sadly it won’t be on AT&T (and I have zero intention to jump ship, AT&T has the best coverage in my area).

        The LG Thrill is still a great device regardless (and in many important ways, better than the Evo 3D). Better processor than the Evo 3D (TI OMAP4 with the same GPU as the Galaxy S), dual-channel RAM and probably easier to hack (recent HTC devices have had locked bootloaders and been difficult to obtain root which sticks. Hopefully the Evo 3D ROM can be ported to the Thrill, if so, the Thrill is pure win).

  13. Atrix ftw

  14. Galaxy S2. Samsung is REALLY raising the bar with it. Even Engadget gave it a 9/10.

  15. Sense 3.0 > Touchwiz 2 so yea it’s the EVO 3D for me. Spare me the song and dance about rooting or home replacements too…

  16. I’m waiting until next year and I’m buying a quad core phone.

    since my current phone works just fine, I’m going to save my money by waiting until next year when I can buy a even better phone.

    1. Pfff…quad-core. I’m waiting until phones have at least 4096 cores, drive my car for me and turn into holodecks.

  17. I don’t know how people want HTC Sensation with it being a much much worse phone when it comes to hardware??

    Less storage, slower CPU, slower GPU, less RAM, CRAP battery as always with HTC and the most important thing… a CRAPPY qHD SLCD display that CANNOT compare with SAMOLED+ in any way! So what if it’s resolution is a bit bigger, that is actualy worse for the phone, 30% more pixels to power, 30% more GPU power wasted, on a bad battery already.

    I DON’T even wanna tell you that the bootloader is locked and encrypted on HTC Sensation and all the new HTC phones.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is the phone for you…

    1. You forgot to mention the comparatively terrible cameras/video recording and tinny loudspeakers on HTC hardware. Samsung have a bad rep for using shiny plastic housings but their internal components are always superior to HTC’s.

      1. Yeah you’re right I totally forgot the crap camera on Sensation vs THE BEST camera ever on Galaxy S2 if you haven’t seen the videos yet visit youtube set it on 1080p and enjoy the show!! Good catch I knew I forgot something.

  18. WE already have the quad core technology, but the manufacturers are purposely stalling so then we buy even more phones.

  19. why does everyone complain about the updates? If you buy a phone for the software and hardware it has at that moment, and you are the happiest person in the world then you made a good purchase. Quit crying because somebody else got a newer update months down the road. You got what you paid for. Like everyone else said, the carriers prevent the update from coming through. I have the mytouch 4g with 2.2 which was a crappy long-term phone w/2.2 phone which is not a big deal, but I will be getting the sII especially after reading the engadget review. This phone is a beat like no other. I’ve done research on all the other phones and imo evo 3d is second. Get the s2 while you can because I heat it sells out with ina couple of hours being dropped.

  20. The “I hate Samsung because they are slow to update” crowd makes me LMAO. What you are really saying is “I am too lazy to learn how to root my phone and unlock its full potential with a custom ROM, so I will go on the boards and bitch for the sake of bitching hoping that other people will join me on the bandwagon”….

    1. Or they could be saying, ” I really don’t wanna void my warranty by rooting”.

      1. Or… they could be saying, “I don’t wanna try to root, then unroot my phone, because I think they may know that my phone was rooted anyways.”

        LoL!! That’s what I was saying. xP

  21. I really hope that sprint or tmobile get the sg2, but sprint like to make perfectly beautiful looking phones and turn them to an ugly one, by putting physical keyboard in it, i would love to get this gs2 just the way it is now.

  22. Yarellray: what is it with you sprint fanboy idiots? I’m not going to start a arguement, but I would bet this years earnings that the galaxy s 2 is twice the phone. Snapdragon is known for having extremely underpowered GPU, although the new gen will be better, your very own phandroid posted a article showing that even the hummingbird was capable of better graphics, get off your high horse. EVO was king for a couple of days. It’s not now, it won’t be ever again. The only thing that ever even set the EVO apart from the droid incredible was the ffc, the incredible did indeed even have a better screen in the AMOLED version. You need to get Hesse’s messy off your face

  23. Can all the clowns slateing samsungs lack of software updates stfu. its the dumb ass american carriers that are slow with the updates. if your going to keep posting, make sure you know what your talking about first. samsung phones in europe were the first ones to get gingerbread.
    I have just moved from a desire to the samsung galaxy s2 and the samsung kicks ass compared to anything htc is offering ( sad because i love htc but its true )

    1. And the reply here is, no other manufacturer has a problem getting timely updates out to the american carriers.

      1. Except for all the HTC’s on TMobile.

    2. Nothing but one big GLOB OF PLASTIC and COPY CAT WANNA BE IPHONE at least HTC has an identity that will never have to copy apple….

    3. Hey stupid! Stop posting about shit u don’t know! I work for one of the
      American carriers and its up to the phone makers NOT the carrier who decide
      When the OS updates are sent out! Everybody hates America because we are the best!

  24. Evo 3D will dominate this year… S II will be stuck on froyo for a long time *flame shield up*

    1. Yeah, I don’t think so. Don’t reply to me, Yarrell.

      1. Boy that’s an INSULT LMAO

      2. I am replying to you now whoever that was before was not me if you don’t see the picture then never assume..,. But whoever he or she is at least they know who rules android simple as that

        1. Hahahaha wowwwww. You told me a few weeks ago that the “other you” who doesn’t have your profile pic is indeed you. You told me that the only reason it doesn’t show up like normal is because you were basically “connecting from another source” or something like that. Hypocrite much?

  25. Phone: Sammy
    Tablet: Tranny

    1. without a doubt.

  26. My wife really loves her ATRIX and the Quadrant scores are sweet!

  27. I was so excited for the rumored “Pyramid”. I love HTC phones, my Nexus One has been great. When the reality of the “new” HTC set in I realized they aren’t really keeping pace or setting trends any more. My top issue with my N1 is lack of space & the new Sensation is 1GB internal storage, failure!!! On the GS2 I’ll have 16 or 32GB of storage, with all the other benefits, that’s my next phone. The specs on the HTC aren’t even as good as the LG-G2X, surprised the votes aren’t higher this is a great phone & better than the HTC.

  28. @ksizzle9… The Evo 3d is ready to PIMP SLAP all devices and will rule android just like the granddaddy evo 4g did in 2010.. If you know any better you should be on line when this drops..

    1. Is “PIMP SLAP” all you ever say? In the past day I must’ve seen it over a dozen times from you. Do you even know what “wide vocabulary” or “imaginative phrasing” are?

  29. So you all are saying that touchwiz is superior to HTC Sense? Wow…. you guys are out your minds… you care too much on speed… when is it gonna be enough? HTC Sensation is a better phone then Samsung Galaxy S II

    1. Ok. Lets say these phones come out to the US with everything stock an no rooting. People are comparing phones based on how easy it is to root, and getting updates, which can’t be in the same argument, yet idiot people put them there.

      Anyways, stock wise, I’d say Sense is a more fun and cooler UI, but Samsung just have a better phone, media wise. The camera, screen, sound, surround sound with headphones, media hub. Does HTC have a media hub equivalent? I’m asking, not being sarcastic.

      The Sensation is a pretty cool phone, but to me, it seems to be a dual-tegra Evo. Nothing new. Ok, wow. I see the camera has gotten better, but no. I hate HTC cameras. I hope their battery’s last long, because HTC makes horrible batteries. I sure hope I can see my phone in direct sunlight, because I shole kaint on my G2.

      Samsung makes cameras, TVs, and other portable devices. They know how to make good screens, speakers, and batteries. They know all this because it’s what they do.

      Therefore, I’d suggest the Galaxy S. When I wasn’t a rooter, the only reason why I didn’t like my Vibrant was because, I had the Nexus One before on 2.2 and the Vibrant was on 2.1 and Tmo was offering free tethering then. Meaning updates. Had I rooted it, I’d probably still be a Sammy fan. But then I fell in love with QWERTY, but the G2 isn’t all that great. I might go back to bar phones, Sammy particularly if this comes to the US.

      Your turn. So how is HTC better than Samsung?

  30. Other (The next Nexus phone) =).
    Must be dual-core.

  31. I think Quentyn is stuffing the ballot box for Samsung….

    1. Quentyn can stuff all the boxes he wants it still won’t help samsung in this day and time. Htc simply rules and always will.

      1. The statement “Htc simply rules and always will” is an OPINION. I’m not saying it’s wright or wrong, it’s what you think after all, but you’d better be damned prepared to back it up. Which I might add, you never EVER have. And insulting one of the writers of this website? How immature and unprofessional of you. Go back to grade school to learn some manners.

    2. Why are you so obsessed with this crazy idea that I’m a Samsung fanboy? Sure I own an Epic 4G, but I’ve had an EVO 4G before that. And I have considered both LG and Motorola for my next device.

  32. I voted for everything except the HTC phones. One – I have no intention on going to Sprint ; 2 – dont now too much about the other HTC phone.

    All the other phones is on my wish list.

  33. I’m looking forward to the Dell Hancock. I know it’s just in a roadmap leak so far, but maybe if I’m positive about its existence, it’ll somehow materialize.

  34. Galaxy S2 is just a much better phone than the gaudy EVO3d. I really dislike Sprints Htc phones… those circles on the function buttons are really stupid and ugly looking. The red accent around the camera on the back is overkill and looks really immature. And the Galaxy S2 blows it away. If you think the EVO3d is going to be the best the mobile world has to offer this year, more power to you. But its not going to be. Its already beaten by the S2. I personally dont like the way it looks with the single button on the bottom. But its so thin and that display. I even like the Sensation much better than the but fugly EVO3d. Its just and ugly design to me.

  35. after the poor experience with by galaxy tab ill go htc again

  36. I guess everyone isn’t going to agree on everything, so i’m not going to waste my time convincing people. But based on my carrier, and my dedication to htc, I can’t wait to get the htc Evo 3d ! (:

  37. I wonder how many people are actually noticing what they are saying about the Galaxy S line up. Notice how the only complaint about the phone is “not getting timely updates”. That’s the only complaints about the phone. So if you Root, and get the updates yourself, which is probably 90% of the people on this website, then the Galaxy S phone is basically a perfect phone. The only reason I’m not rockin the Vibrant (original) anymore is because I’m a QWERTY person and Samsung’s keyboards sux!! I mean, those keyboards sux digitally!!

    Other than that, if TouchWiz sux, then you root and get something better, or Root to Vanilla Android. Notice how with all the other phones, it’s always something like battery dies to fast, screen has LCD bleed, the keyboard is kinda flimsy, etc.

    Galaxy S line-up. Oh you don’t get updates fast. Korrection, the US doesn’t get updates fast. So getcho facts straight. LoL!! The updates are here, it’s just that the US carriers prolong giving them to customers. LoL!!

    Anyone kare to prove me wrong? xP

    1. Not wrong but impractical. You cant assume people want to root their phone.

    2. rooting and installing roms is a pain in the ass on that thing compared to HTC phones.

  38. For those looking forward to the transformer Target has a coupon out right now for $40 off plus you can save an additional 5% with red card (source fatwallet) however it is a preorder so expect to wait a couple weeks (per target) for it to ship

  39. I voted for other: MyTouch 4G slide if what they say is true about the specs.

    1. The entire mytouch line is terrible.

      1. Guess you don’t have a MyTouch 4G or have horrible taste. Best phone i’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a ton!!!! Would be nice if you actually had something to support your inane comment.

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