Sprint Confirms Release Date for Motorola Xoom (WiFi Only Version)


It was only a few days ago I posted the leak on the Motorola Xoom WiFi only version being sold in stores May 8th. Well, it looks like our sources held up. Sprint, in a press release earlier today, has officially confirmed the May 8th launch date and a $599 price point. So, if for some reason you were waiting this whole time to pick up your own Xoom from Sprint and not say — the countless other retailers already selling the tablet,  Sunday will be your lucky day! (Go get ’em, Yarell!)

Now, Mr. Hesse. Lets talk about this 4G WiMax version…

[Via Sprint]

Chris Chavez
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  1. FRIGGIN LOL. Nice way to bait Yarrel your biggest troll since the days of Keller and his damned htc glacier :D

    bah another tablet. i dont see a point in it until the price comes down for wifi versions.

  2. rofl @ “Go get ‘em, Yarell!”

    1. ^ Ha!

  3. Who wants the perfect tablet @Xoom… on a shity network? @verizonwireless

    1. You do know that this is a wifi only version right? It uses wifi networks, not cellular networks. read before posting stupid replies.

    2. This guy is a fucken ‘tard

  4. Why would anyone get this when there are cheaper options (with similar or same specs) for a better price and better screens? i.e. transformer or acer

    1. I have a xoom, and it is durable and solid. I think that this is a rare example where you get what you pay for, and cheaper may mean more than just price.

  5. How about shaving a hundred bucks or two off the sticker price for somebody signing up for a Nexus S 4G on contract?

  6. Whats the purpose of Sprint selling the Xoom with WiFi only, I can get it at Costco at the same price with a free gel case?

    1. The option to have it shipped to your house, put on ur monthly bill and broken down into two-payments :) (Three if you have a golden tongue

    2. That price at Costco is only with a 2 year contract….w/o a contract it is over $800…..I work there and looked to purchase it.

  7. Wifi only??? Anything on sprint beats verizon that’s for sure…

    1. Soooo a Xoom you can use only near a source of wifi or tethered to your phone “beats” a Xoom that you can use anywhere Verizon has data service in addition to wifi and tethering? Please…. You have no clue what you are talking about.

      1. Verizon also charges an arm and a leg for the data service…So its funny you think Yarrell has no clue..Plus, from someone who switched from Verizon to Sprint…Sprint offers so much more than Verizon…Just saying…

        1. I’ve never been on Verizon so I can’t attest to the “arm and a leg” bit. I was merely speaking about using the Xoom anywhere that Verizon has data coverage as opposed to tethered to your cell phone or a wifi access point. Having the freedom to do that is so much more liberating. Something that Verizon arguably “beats” Sprint at in this case. If I had a tablet of any kind, I’m pretty sure I’d like to be able to use it everywhere possible and not have to worry about wifi or an extra device.

          1. When the Verizon network is working….that is!

  8. Interesting that it isn’t 4G, but I wouldn’t expect Sprint to release any tablet that is going to take attention away from the Evo View.

  9. and here i thought i was the only sprint fan, haha

  10. it is very nice to read that 8th may would be very special for all of us… it is right that the device would be carrying only WiFi technology but we must know that it would help us to get the web connectivity very easily. some friends may not get their requirements fulfilled, but i think WiFi is well capable to drive you to the web world.

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