Sprint Launching WiFi Xoom May 8th for $600


Found an interesting leak from the guys over at Spantechular showing off an internal document from Sprint advertising the WiFi only Xoom for $600 and launching on May 8th. Phandroid’s very own ninjas were quick to add validity to this claim citing, “something big” hitting the Now Network in the next few weeks.

If May 8th is sounding a little familiar to you, thats becuase it is also the same day we will see the launch of Samsung Nexus S 4G and RIM’s Blackberry Playbook (unless it sees more delays). We saw T-Mobile’s big launch day last week with the simultaneous release of the LG G2X, Samsung Sidekick 4G and LG G-Slate and it looks as if Sprint may be feeling the heat.

Carrier wars aside, I am excited to be on Sprint and I can’t help but wonder what else the new underdog might have up their sleeve for May 8th?

[Via Spantechular]

Chris Chavez
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  1. *Laughs at price*

    1. IF Sprint was smart, they would offer the Xoom for $499 w/out a contract. IF. I really want to stop carrying around my 5.5 lb laptop to school, but until the prices drop to a lower, and more reasonable, level, it is a no-thank you for me.

  2. *Laughs at yarrell*

  3. $600 with no contract doesn’t seem bad to me. Will I buy one? Absolutely not, but I can see this at least doing somewhat well.

    Am I mistaken about the no-contract part?

    1. It’s a wifi-only model, no 3G/4G chip. That’s still a bit high on the price tag even without a contract. Many other tablets with near identical specs for much less.

    2. It is pretty bad, considering Asus Transformer with pretty much identical specs (better screen, AFAIK) costs $200 less. And the new Galaxy Tab is just over a month away and even it costs $100 less. It, too, has almost identical specs and is a lot smaller without compromising the screen size.

  4. I can’t wait! My HTC Hero has served me so well, but with the constant ‘phone memory low’ message, I need to upgrade! Nexus S…EVO 3D…should I even just got a Xoom since that’s what I use my phone for anyway…hmm, decisions, decisions.

  5. I will wait for the asus to come back in stock. For $399.00 I can get a nexus s 4g with the extra $200 I will save from not buying the sprint xoom. Motorola really effed up this one.

  6. Uhh, is this not the same exact Wi-Fi Xoom price? Why would Sprint even sell this, it already exists for the same price? The only thing you get buying it from Sprint is (probably) a Sprint logo and whatever crapware apps they shove on the thing.

    1. You sir, are a winner! I have no idea why in the world would anyone buy a wi-fi only device from a cellular carrier.

    2. Oh and awful delays while sprint figures out how to f up new software releases that you would otherwise already have if it wasnt loaded with sprint bloatware and sprint ID

  7. Rightly or wrongly, I think the Xoom brand is already a little tarnished by an underwhelming launch. I think the newer tablets – Galaxy Tab 10.1, Toshiba Tablet, Sony S1 – probably stand a better chance. And the 16GB Asus Transformer at $399 is a steal.

  8. Transformer or Evo View. No Xoom. No Motorola.

  9. I think if sprint got the asus transformer w/dock with contract for 250-350 it would be a huge success….imo

  10. This just in… Sprint has also announced they will sell 8GB micro SD cards at the same price as every other retail store that carries them. So glad to be a Sprint customer

  11. With the eee pad transformer for $399 why would anyone buy this?

  12. Why does the graphics look like ATT?

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  14. STILL 600$? Don’t these people realize no one is willing to pay that much for a tablet in which you can get one with pretty much identical specs for 400? even the samsung 10.1 tab is going to be cheaper. this is a legit. epic. fail.

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  16. Please assplain why this should go through a phone carrier at all?…..

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