Leaked ROM Reveals Full Specs for T-Mobile Mytouch 4G Slide


Earlier today Quentyn reported some fun little leaks of upcoming HTC devices thanks to 911sniper and briefly mentioned the HTC Double Shot (now known as the Mytouch 4G Slide). The guys over at PocketNow were able to crack open the ROM and what came pouring out were rainbows, kitten whiskers and an impressive list of specs. According the build.prop found inside the ROM,  T-Mobile may have something really great in store for the sequel to the Mytouch 3G Slide.

The QWERTY slider will be coming equipped with one of Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon processors and a not too shabby 768MB of RAM. The screen will come in at 3.7-inches and feature an 800×480 resolution (which I’d say is perfect for a QWERTY slider). Another interesting tidbit is the fact that phone supports the codec for 3D video playback indicating the possibility of a 3D screen? And just like the screen, the 8MP camera will also support 3D video recording. The handset will also have a .3MP front facing camera, perfect for video calling seeing how the phone supports HSDPA category 10, capable of 14.4Mbps down on T-Mobile’s network.

Honestly, I am quite impressed with the list of specs on this phone. If you guys remember not too long ago it was rumored that T-Mobile was going to receive a dual-core, 3D qwerty phone nicknamed the Sidekick Twist (Project Emerald anyone?) but it never came to fruition. Although a little late, maybe those rumors weren’t too far off after all. One thing is for certain, if this phone has the same keyboard as the HTC Arrive, you can slap my face and call me jealous.

What do you guys think of this possible HTC QWERTY superphone? Are you second guessing upgrading to the Sensation after seeing this spec list?

[Via PocketNow]

Chris Chavez
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  1. WOW WHAT A PHONE TMOBILE IS ALWAYS 1 STEP AHEAD and i really prefer 780mb of ram on my mt4g over other 512 phones
    what a phone might choose this over evo3d

    1. Did you just say the word “evo”? Great….. You just laid out the monkey food. Let’s leave before Yarrell Kong comes here.

      Trolling aside this phone has a lot of potential. But I need better than a render. Let’s see actual pics

      1. I think you missed the joke

        1. There was no joke, sadly…

          1. why would tht have been a joke ..this phone will be amazing
            first dual core slider …..woooooooooo

  2. this is a phone i have been waiting for. i know better phones will ultimately come out. but this phone is something i can see myself being very happy with for the next two years. finally dual core with physical keyboard. and now any form of sense wont bog down the phone with a dual core prolly 1ghz running. yay!!

  3. HTC Sensation 4G is for me… That phone is almost perfect…. The Samsung Galaxy II would be perfect if it didnt have that ugly Touchwiz on it…

  4. “project emerald”??? Seriously?? there was no project emerald… the HTC emerald is the mytouch 4G

  5. Super exicted!! I love my MTS i just wish it had a faster proccesor so this new Mytouch slide will be the perfect phone…cant wait to get it

  6. Come on phandroid… Project emerald was the mt4g! Looks like its shaping up to be a great phone except for the ui…

    1. ORIGINALLY, it was rumored to be the “Glacier” would have a keyboard which later turned out to be the G2. The Glacier itself was actually the Mytouch 4G and neither had those original rumored specs =p

      1. Glacier = mt4g…..project emerald was also the mt4g, or the launch of the G2 and mt4h, depending on who you ask.

  7. @jvillicano , 1.2 ghz

  8. I hope internal storage space is at least double what the first slide was. I love my slide and app2sd does not work for all apps. I also hope it comes with Ice Cream Gingerbread would be a tease like Eclair was on my slide and the wait for an upgrade is way too long. I had my eyes set on Sensation but now i may get this.

  9. @jvillicano , 1.2 ghz

    1. Awesome to know! Now we just need an Evo port ;D

  10. I’m not even going to think about buying more T-Mobile phones until I know the outcome of the AT&T buyout…

    1. I’m with you. I loved t mobile, but due to the buy out, I’ve switched to sprint.

      1. It didn’t even happen yet, it may not happen. I will switch to Sprint if and when it happens, not before.

  11. As much as I love my G2 and its awesome KB (the reason I bought in the first place) the samsung gs2 its gonna be my next phone… unless they release this before it, but I doubt it… the G2 was release in september,so… around that time I’ll figure this slide will come out

    1. But the Mytouch slide came out in summer sometime last year (cant remember exact month.) But I believe late June/early Julyish.

  12. I saw somewhere that this will be called the mytouch “4G slide w/ google”, now if that is true it should also mean that it will be stock android correct? I would love to see this phone include at least 8gb of internal memory, with a true quad-band radio that can achieve 4g (hspa+) on both tmobile and at&t spectriums….if it can do bot I may have to pass up on getting the LG O3D and get this instead.

  13. I ran the rom on my G2, it runs a modified sense 3.0. I hate the my touch UI, but it seems like a sweet phone.

    1. I agree with you there – I really don’t like the MyTouch versions of Sense.

  14. i took a closer look at the keyboard configuration file and i can tell you it will have a 5row keyboard, with a row for numbers. it has a dpad with up down right left and center AND the menu, home, back, lock, camera can function 4 keys(probably search) are declared as “hardware keys” so this is truly gonna be a super phone

  15. I loved my mytouch 3g slide, but now that there’s better options, I highly don’t recommend this phone.

  16. Too bad they didn’t up the memory to 1gb instead of 768. Does anyone know what 4g bands the radio will have (e.g. will it be AFee&Fee compatible?)

  17. How bout we get some HTC hardware like this over to Verizon?!?! Tired of being stuck with crappy Motorola sliders with poor keyboards and locked bootloaders.

    Actually, I think Verizon management is really why we don’t have an HTC slider by now; the Merge was supposed to be ours back in November, until somebody with too high of a salary decided qwertys weren’t important. …no, I’m not the least bit bitter, nor have I been ready to sell my D2 since shortly after buying it (I especially love the random reboots if you touch the power button too soon after the screen timeout).

  18. Ew at that render…

    1. Haha! Mytouch 4G + Mytouch Slide keyboard = render

      And yes, its ugly. Lol

      1. Lol definitely not a match made in the heavens…

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