Apr 28th, 2011

This Casio G’zOne might be a Commando, but you’re the Commanding Android Officer and it’s time to give it some orders. And by that I mean you can now buy the Casio Commando at Verizon Wireless for $199.99. (Please note: not all customers are currently seeing the offer so be patient and refresh!)

The Commando is a rugged Android designed to withstand the bumps and bruises of extreme conditions. This is an extension of the popular G’zOne line that has often been a favor of folks doing work “in the field” where there phone might be subject to some type of turmoil. Think of it as bringing smartphone power to the blue collar class who appreciates the new technology but is happy to keep some of the simplicities in life like T9. Yup… the Commando has T9 typing.

Many will appreciate the fact that this phone meets military standards for Immersion, Rain, Shock, Dist Resistance, Vibration, Salt Fog, Humidity, Solar Radiation, Altitude, and Low/High Temp Storage. But don’t be fooled, it’s also rocking Android 2.2 with a 5MP camera and mobile hotspot capabilities.

Head over to our Casio Commando Forums and join hundreds of others sharing information, asking questions, and talking about the little Android that could (yet couldn’t… be broken).

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