Apr 28th, 2011

You may have heard the buzz around the blogosphere on how the iPhone tracks your every move and how some owners are trying to cash in on this new information by taking Apple to court. Well, it looks like Google will be facing something very similar. Most Android users remember back when they setup their phone that they were given the option to provide Google with anonymous location data. Let me say that again, option.

Detroit News is reporting that 2 women have filed a $50 million dollar class-action lawsuit against big “G,” demanding that Google stop offering Android handsets to people that track their location. Although Google assures us this information is kept anonymous, apparently each phone has unique identifiers that could potentially lead Google or some government agency to find out where you live and where you work. This information could also be obtained, if needed, via subpoena or national security letter.

First off, in the complaint, these women were more concerned with someone using this information to stalk them (really?). Second, Google doesn’t make handsets. They make software. I don’t know if they could even be required to pull every handset off the market? Would make more sense to demand Google offer an update to the software or something along those lines. Third, its an opt-in service. You don’t have to give Google this kind of information even if the information may not be as anonymous as you might think.

Something tells me these women have no idea what they’re talking about and most likely refer to the Android OS as “Droid.” But what do you guys think? Is this law suit just another way for someone to make a quick buck? Or is all this location information a genuine concern that should be addressed in court?

[Via Detroit News]