Verizon Brochure Touts Netflix on the LG Revolution


Ever since CES the plan has been to launch Netflix with streaming video alongside the LG Revolution.. Verizon also said Skype with Video would launch alongside the HTC Thunderbolt. That never happened. Needless to say, no one is all that confident that Netflix will actually be ready for the launch of the Revolution. If it makes you feel any better, a new Verizon brochure is showing off the Revolution and boasting “high-quality video streaming by Netflix.”

This is where I must remind everyone that Verizon also initially advertised Skype with Video for the Thunderbolt. Yeah, that’s the Skype with Video that didn’t actually launch and still hasn’t been released officially. Both applications have been leaked and we did get some time with the Netflix app at MWC. Whether this translates to the app actually being ready on time is another story.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Verizon’s lineup has really been poor so far this year. All of their top of the line phones have a downfall. This phone has nothing going for it except netflix, the thunderbolt was popular since it was the first 4g phone yet has an old (yet admittedly still capable) processor and battery problems, the charge has a samoled+ but has the old hummingbird even with the gs2 releasing around the same time elsewhere in the world, and the dinc 2 has global capabilities but hardly surpasses the original. Where’s my bionic/targa?

    1. Verizon is definitely prioritizing 4G over pure specs in their high-end lineup. I can’t necessarily blame them, given the ridiculous amount of money they’ve spent (and are still spending) spreading LTE as fast as possible, but it’s a gamble that’s left their phone lineup looking somewhat mediocre.

      The Revolution in particular seems to be what Verizon’s positioning as a “budget” 4G phone. It’s launching with Bing and I believe I read that it’s going to be about $200 on-contract.

      Your Bionic/Targa will come as soon as Motorola figures out how to fit a LTE radio and a dual-core in the same chassis without causing a large explosion (or 30 second battery life).

      1. it has bing…. F that. SUCK IT MS, YOU SUCK

        1. Right? I was honestly going to take my fascinate back when I first got it because at the time you couldn’t root it, and it had Bing. It made me so mad.

  2. The Targa is the only thing verizon can hang their hat on. Otherwise their overall lineup is simply WEAK I do agree..

    1. Something is missing here..

  3. @brett please inform us how the second gen snapdragon that only started shipping this year and is significantly faster than the previous one is old?

    1. Didn’t the desire hd have it? And the mytouch 4g? Also maybe the g2 line of devices, though I could be wrong with those.

  4. Well, there’s always the Dell Thunder (Venue) with Hulu.

    /not. just pointing out that they advertise a lot but deliver little.

  5. Will a phone have to have a specific processor for netflix (thought I heard something about DRM on the chip itself) or will the app be available for all android? I want the GSII and the Asus Tranny but would love netflix (I travel a lot).

  6. @ brett : Fair the DHD and MT4G both did come with the 8255 and were released last year. Albeit late October and novermber last year, which wasnt that long ago. I’ll admit my mistake there. I didnt realize the MT4G had it and thought the DHD was a 2011 phone. But in my opinion 6 months old isnt all that old even for mobile phone tech. It should stand up to anything thrown at it at least into Q1 2012 and probably later.

  7. I was wrong again the thunderbolt has the MSM8655. Somehow I got in my head it used the MSM8255, and I think a lot of other people may be making the same mistake.

  8. Why must Verizon release 3 extremely similar phones? Variation can be good.

  9. Dude, Samsung Galaxy S2… That’s what I’m waiting for. But Verizon is a little bitch who doesn’t like to have decent phones. I’m jealous of Tmobile, and that’s bad.

  10. Its no secret people are not on Verizon for the phones. Its all in the network. The largest network. The most reliable network. The fastest 4G network, that is still growing.

  11. Not falling for this again. The Droid X was touted as the “first phone with Flash” before its release. It took more than two months to get it. And, the phone was plagued with bugs after the Froyo update. Nope, I won’t be being anything that isn’t exactly as promised OTB.

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