Droid Bionic Shall Launch Around The Same Time As Motorola Xoom’s LTE


During their quarterly financial report, Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha mentioned the Xoom’s LTE launch has been delayed until sometime around the summer solstice. Turns out this is the same time we will finally see the release of the recently rehashed, Droid Bionic. While answering questions as to what caused the delay, Sanjay attempted to beat around the bush but eventually mentioned it had more to do with Verizon’s LTE not being up to snuff than anything on their end. Seems as if the company wants to wait a few more months for LTE to roll out in a few more cities before going full steam ahead with their LTE devices.

Sanjay would also like you to know that the Xoom launch was considered a “success” with nearly 250,000 units shipped in the first quarter. Motorola seems to be doing quite well for themselves, with mobile device revenues up 30% from last year. This might have had a little something to do with the 4.1 million smartphones they managed to sell around the world.

[Via DroidLife]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Bionic…yes I want it…looks fantastic alol…sure is a long wait though…sheesh…but surely with such a wait…its got to be a dam good device with most kinks worked out…ihope.

    1. I hope they make the phone look different then it did at CES. I’m thinking chrome spinners or possible exhaust. o_O

      1. and add a sweet blowoff valve.

        1. come ,come now we all know stickers add the speed!! i hope it has sticker out the wazoo!

          1. Leela: And what’s your scientific basis for thinking that?

            Hubert: I’m twelve

      2. I’d take an unlocked bootloader, myself. ;)

      3. idont know Chris…I like it as is…but idont think they should make a diffrent color one as well

  2. Hanging onto my OG Droid until this phone comes out; can’t wait!

    ^^^ wouldn’t be a curse if it weren’t for the fact that my 1.2Ghz OC’able OG Droid had to have its screen broke……..and i had to get an Asurion replacement that can’t OC past 800 Mhz and is laggy as hell………..

    /rant over

  3. Cannot wait! I only wish it came in vanilla flavoring…

    1. What, you don’t like the liver and onions flavoring of blur?

      …in all seriousness though I’m waiting for this phone as well and I likewise wish it ran stock. I can’t stand MotoBleh.

      But hey, there’s always custom roms…unless Moto decides to screw over the bootloader.

  4. Shipped doesn’t mean sold.

    1. It does to Motorola as they don’t take returns…

    2. Unless Moto sells the units to the companies that sell them to the end user…in which case for them it would be.

  5. Never buy your phone from that guy. Wow.

    1. Motorola should have ejected Sanjay Jha from his position. He messed up Honecomb with his stupid Motorola Xoom…..32GB And $799 only option when they first introduced…why didnt they get their minds thinking….stupid CEO, marketing officers, strategy analyst…shame on you Motorola Mobility..shame on you Jha!

      1. Your an idiot

        1. *You’re ^_^

  6. If it’s about the LTE network and not the phone then surely they have time to get it all hooked up with something beyond 2.2 that was originally planned, right? This thing should be totally polished by the time they release it.

    1. I agree 100%…however I doubt that will be the case.

  7. I do think they should imean

  8. Personally don’t care if it ever launches. Over Moto!!! Have replaced my 3rd X with the Thunderbolt at retail price and just yesterday replaced my wife’s D2 with the Incredible 2 at retail. Both the originally and replacements of the D2 and X sucked. Laggy, rebooted by selfs and her D2 would just go blank for no reason. Had the original Incredible and loved it. So far love the TB and her new Incredible seems great also. Not laggy and quick.

  9. screw motorola & verizon! Looks like i’m going samsung from now on! I can’t believe i bough a half functioning buggy xoom!

  10. What did you guys think of Motorola Atrix ?

  11. Bobby jindal works for Motorola?

  12. I’ve waited too long for this phone to give up now

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