HTC Moving Beyond Smartphones and Tablets


We all know HTC has been doing pretty well for themselves as of late. They’ve seen the successful launch of some of the biggest Android handsets on just about every carrier. When it comes to the Android community, HTC seems to be the handset of choice for die-hard techies, like myself. Because of their recent popularity, they’ve seen their stock rise about 33% this year and their market cap hit a whopping $33.88 billion dollars taking the top spot from Nokia.

So what’s next for the smartphone giant? Well, if the recent job posting on their site is any indication, it appears they are looking for an “automotive business development director” for North America. So it looks like we might be seeing our favorite Taiwanese company take a dive into the automobile market.

Now, before you start jumping to conclusions of a Tegra 5 powered smart-car, their job posting describes an “experienced leader in the automotive electronics industry” to “develop business in the automotive market.” This will most likely include those fancy navigation units and touch screen panels you see in all those luxury cars these days.

With the impending launch of the Sensation on T-Mobile and Evo 3D on Sprint, I think this will continue to be another great year for HTC and expect great things from them in the future.

[Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. yea that would be pimp. htc powered android nav stuff in car

  2. And here I was hoping the Incredible 3 would be my next car.

    1. That’s the 2.5
      Incredible 3 will be a spaceship:)

      1. you see my MFing SPACESHIP??????Its a dodge…

  3. You want a car that is totally Android. You want a car by HTC. You want a car that stands out. You want a slideout keyboard in your steering whell. You want a on-the-go high defintion theater system in your car. You want the car that defines you. You are gonna have you wish. Coming soon by HTC.

  4. I want a HTC tv

  5. Droid does transform into a vehicle

    1. Autobots…. .roll out.

  6. It’ll be one sleek looking car…but you’d better make sure you keep a set of jumper cables handy

  7. Unless the bootloaders of the Sensation, Incredible S, Desire S, etc, are cracked, it will be that HTC *was* the handset of choice for die-hard techies…

    1. Oh!!! Nice!

  8. What HTC needs to do is make their own netbook or laptop with Sense optimized for PC’s running Windows 7. Will probably never happen but would be amazing.

  9. While us techies might adore HTC, they also have ridiculously good brand equity. I have non-techie friends that automatically assume any HTC phone is the best out there. As long as they don’t mess something up seriously, then their brand equity will continue to take them higher.

  10. It’s not your dream car. It’s the one after that.

  11. But see the problem is, people still want everything all in one. So I don’t think they’ll go the route of building touch interfaces so much as ways to integrate your phone with your car. So when you get in your car with your phone in your pocket it links up and you can do everything from making calls to controlling it via bluetooth.

  12. I want an HTC microwave

  13. I want a HTC Gps

  14. Coming soon CM7 for the Ford Mustang.

  15. Nice! I’d like some sense on my navigation screen!

  16. Not to be a troll but lol @ nvidia “tegra” processor name drop…. p.s. I 2nd tthe HTC microwave lol although someone needs to make an mp3 player to rival the iPod. Now I’m no apple fan but the battery life and size is just… I would trade it in a second though for an HTC android powered mp3 player with a battery that lasts… because I don’t see smartphone batteries lasting weeks in the next few years.

  17. this makes no sense to me..they should just create laptops or something.

  18. htc ALREADY DID, develop at least 1 infotainment system for cars … check the luxgen7 SUV almost completely made in taiwan.

    1. Luxgen…those are nice cars…too bad they dun have them in the US. Plus with HTC infotainment…. *drool*

  19. I don’t really want my phone Force Closing because my User Agent is set to “Plane” or something.

  20. YESSS!!!! Android in my car!!! So sick of apple dominance in the mobile audio arena. I want to use my Android phone in my car for music/pandora/etc.

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