LG Launches Optimus Big In Korea


When we last gave you the scoop on the LG Big (I know, I had to double-take at the name) it was a full month ago and today LG announced that the phone will launch tomorrow in Korea via Uplus.

The Big is LG’s latest offering to their Android lineup, so what makes this phone worthy of it’s “Big” title? Why, the 4.3-inch Nova display of course! While not as big as Acer’s Iconia Smart, it does beat out it’s sister phone, the G2X which we saw released on T-Mobile only a few weeks ago.

The Nova screen is LG’s pride and glory when it comes to their smartphones. With deeper blacks and vibrant colors, it easily matches what you see now on SAMOLED Plus displays. Its also said to offer unrivaled battery life as an added bonus. Being a self proclaimed screen aficionado, I was lucky enough to see first-hand their new displays this year at CES with the LG Black and have to say, was quite impressed by it. I did find it strange however, that they weren’t offering the same display on the Optimus 2X but I guess you can’t have everything now, can you?

The phone will also ship with Android 2.2 Froyo and LG’s very own Touch Whiz-ish UI. The LG Big also comes with 16GB of storage, perfect for capturing all the 1080p videos you can throw at it, a 1GHz (dual-core?) processor 5MP camera and what looks like a front facing camera as well. I also noticed an optional kickstand/case available which isn’t too different from what we’ve seen LG offer for the G2X.

With the T-Mobile already nabbing up the G2X and Verizon getting the 4G LTE Revolution, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Sprint will jump on this (and pray they’ll change that dreadful name in the process).

[Via Mobile Crunch]

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  1. This should be the lg revolution on verizon.

  2. This does need to go to Verizon…

  3. WOW! Check out the girth on that thing!

    1. That’s what she said.

      1. Before I hit Show 1 reply, I knew exactly what the comment would be haha.

  4. So the nova display has real black levels like SuperAMOLED???

    1. It can’t because samoled can turn off pixels to produce black while LCD can not.

  5. haha this is a Galaxy S

  6. You guys need to get one and do a review ASAP.

  7. What about the screen resolution size? Is it as sharp as iphone’s retina display?

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