New Samsung DROID Charge Ad Keeps the Epic DROID Cinematics Going [Video]


You had to guess they were coming. Verizon’s set to release an onslaught of new advertisements and videos for the latest in the DROID line of families. First up is the Samsung DROID Charge which got a quick unboxing from Rob earlier. Sure, these ads may overstate how good the phones really are, but since when was that ever a bad thing in marketing? Go on and hit that play button on the YouTube video above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

HTC DROID Incredible 2 Unboxing [VIDEO]

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  1. I like the Droid commercials. Much better than the snApple “if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone” condesending garbarge regurgitated over and over.
    Get over yourself Apple and come up with something original. The last decent ad you put out was the 1984 style ad with the olympian throwing the hammer at the screen. Lameious Maximus

  2. I like the Droid commercials too, but this phone, this Droid Charge for $299, w/o dual core, w/o LTE is un-deserving in my mind. Also the phone is ugly as hell.

    1. It actually does have LTE. Still VERY undeserving though. But people who don’t know any better will buy it

      1. I dont know how its undeserving. Samsung usually makes good phones its just their updates that suck but atleast they are releasing the source codes so the dev’s can get to work on their phones.

        1. Its undeserving because:
          1) Its fugly
          2) Its plasticky
          3) Touchwiz

          1. It is somewhat deserving because it comes with a 32gb micro sd card and is the same price as a 32gb NON LTE Iphone…but mind you I still say somewhat. The benchmarks posted on Droid-life are a real downer…

          2. It might not be the highest tech, but it does have physical buttons. Something a phone must have in my opinion. Is so frustrating touching them by mistake when watching a movie or showing someone something on it hand having them touch the back button. I’m tempted to buy this over the bionic for two reasons – Buttons and unlocked boot loader. I just cannot live without CM7 these days!

          3. Oh and its slow. they benched the Inc2 vs this thing and it got its ass kicked. Take benchmarks for what they are worth but i have been using android long enough to know a difference like that means a slower handset.

    2. I’m hoping you just made a typo, because the whole point is that this is (technically) the first Droid LTE phone, or you’re really oblivious..

      Either way HTC has to be upset the Thunderbolt wasnt Droid branded.

    3. it has LTE.

    4. My mistake it does have LTE.

  3. I gotta say that I love this Droid commercials. “When there is no limit to what Droid gets, there is no limit to what Droid does” sounds much better than “If you don’t have an *phone, you don’t have an *phone.”

  4. I probably have to buy this :( i have to switch to verizon by tomrrow and its hard to decide between thnderbolt or the droid charge

  5. Awesome commercial … but as Drizzy said “w/o … w/o … w/o …”

    Hard to drop $300 for a lot of 2010 tech

  6. I was a big htc fan and still am ! But coming from my sprint epic 4g to the thunderbolt has been a change. I dont know if it was just that phone but it just seemed to work. No rooting needed. I’m going to play with the droid tomorrow still within my 14 days


    Damn, its about time! I thought Verizon forgot about Droid commercials. Havent seen one in months.

    Really, I hope Apple keeps doing the advertising for the iPhone. This lets Verizon concentrate on promoting the Droid line up. Its not like Apple needs help promoting the iPhone…lol

  8. here is a look at early benchmarks which i know dont mean much but yeah http://www.droid-life.com/2011/04/27/benchmarks-droid-charge-vs-droid-incredible-2/

  9. These commercials are so dramatic but cool lol

  10. “This video is private” Umm….wtf?

  11. Why is a commercial a private video? I wonder what time it became private, why it became private and if there was any connection to the LTE outage yesterday. I have no plans to buy the Charge, as I’m happy with my Thunderbolt until an LTE phone comes along that really piques my interest (and has an unlockable bootloader), but I was interested to see what the commercial looked like. There is nothing on youtube in the way of commercials or on the VZW website other than an “interactive virtual Droid Charge”. Odd.

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