Apr 27th, 2011

After relegating users to in-browser editing since Android first came on the scene, Google Docs has finally made its way to mobile handsets in the form of a native app. The application itself will allow you to search through your documents and upload new files, though editing is still relegated to the mobile browser. This isn’t so bad, as Google has done a lot of work getting their online productivity suite up to speed on smartphones. The application excels in the extended features it offers.

For starters, you can now easily share files from Google Docs with the contacts in your smartphone. It’s as easy as clicking the dropdown button next to any item and selecting share. You can also star documents easily, which comes in handy when used in conjunction with the accompanying Android widget. That widget lets you go directly to starred documents or create a new document, but perhaps its best shortcut is one that allows you to upload an image to Docs. Why would we be uploading an image? Because Google Docs  features the ability to turn an image containing text into an editable file. Pretty darn nifty.

The app is available for phones running Android 2.1 and higher and can be found in the Android Market now.

Android Market Link: Google Docs

[via Google]