fring Launches Group Video Calls for Android


After launching the feature in beta with overwhelmingly positive results, fring is bringing Group Video to all with their latest update to their Android and iPhone apps. Group Video on fring allows for up to four friends to participate in a live voice and video call, and is the first such service for mobile devices. Using proprietary DVQ technology enables fring to output the best possible video quality for all participants within the limits of a user’s network speeds. Here is a fun little montage the folks at fring put together to celebrate the launch of the new feature:

Oh, and it’s totally free to download. If you haven’t had enough one-on-one video chat in your life, its time to get your friends in on the shenanigans, too. Find the latest version of fring in the Android Market now.

Android Market Download Link: fring

[via fring]

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  1. Why are they all using iPhones?!

  2. Same thing I was wondering. And why is it acting up with my Atrix.

  3. Atrix phones have problems with all voip apps at the moment, the app devs are working hard to update their apps for all the new super phones

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