UK’s Eee Pad Transformer Said to Be Getting Software Update Thursday


The folks at ASUS UK have tweeted that their newly-launched (in the US, anyway) Eee Pad Transformer will be getting an update across the pond from us. They left no hints as to what it’d bring or provide, though, so I guess a surprise is in order for those of you who have one. As for you folks over here in the States? It’s possible these versions of the Transformer already have the latest and greatest software available, but we’ll be on the lookout for a similar upgrade regardless. [Thanks Marco!]

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  1. Update already live

  2. So wait: not only is Asus coming in at half the price of the Xoom but they are already rolling out updates?

    Are they trying to _completely_ humiliate Motorola?

    1. Is it working? Yes? Excellent!

  3. Of course only the 45 people who were lucky enough to find it in stock will be able to enjoy the update. Got up an hour earlier than I needed to today just to order it online… sold out everywhere lol

  4. I sure hope it fixed the horrible rear camera performance!

  5. Well, I guess one upshot to not being able to get one today is that I won’t have to be a beta tester consumer….. but, uh, I think quite a few of us wouldn’t have minded so much. Guess I’ll just wait for more and the keyboard dock.

  6. Wow, its not even out in the UK yet and it already has software updates (launching June 1)

    1. where have you been? the UK got it on April 6th. They sold out (at least Amazon did) just like the USA.

  7. Lucky for me I was able to find the last one at Fry’s in Campbell this morning. I rushed and got it at 8:30am. As soon as I connected it to Wi-fi it stated there was an update available. So far liking it a lot more than the Moto Xoom I bought a few weeks back.

  8. Update live. Fix camera, add some Asus apps (myDesktop, myCloud)

  9. I got one this morning. I live in Edmonton and Memory Express was one of the few stores in Canada to sell it. I got mine and a few hours later, they were all sold out. I went home and downloaded the software update, MyCloud is the best thing ever, now I get to remote into my PC from anywhere in my house. I’m using it as a netbook as well. I connected my Wiimote to it using Bluetooth and SNESoid and I’m playing snes games on it. What’s not to like about it? Asus hit a home run with this one

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