Apr 26th, 2011

Some odd activity is going on over at Motorola’s site today. The Motorola DROID Bionic – a device headed straight for Verizon but was said to be cancelled for a more “enhanced” device – appears to be slowly disappearing from Motorola’s website. A link to the device’s main product page on their front-page carousel takes us to their overall phone support page for all of their products. Clicking on “Android Phones” under “Mobile Phones” in their main navigation bar takes us to a list of their Android-based devices where the DROID Bionic is missing.

We also stumbled across a link where it would appear that the page still exists, but looking closely at the link we were sent shows a different localeid – the original link doesn’t include this. Our friend Kellex – who reported the same over at Droid-Life – says it could be due to the fact that Motorola missed this page in some horrible, horrible purging of the device’s existence. This is possibly evidenced by the “Compatibility” link on that same page taking us to that same general support section.

I’m not sure how accurate that may be, though, considering the device’s page is still up on MOTODEV. And the fact that they haven’t taken it off the front page carousel makes me suspicious of it just being an error, as well. Or they could just be making room for the Motorola Targa. Who knows? We’ll be keeping our eye on this one. [Thanks Dave!] PS: No, Motorola, it most certainly isn’t the end of waiting. We’ve been waiting for this thing since January, after all.

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