HTC Sensation Coming With Swype-Like Keyboard from HTC


HTC’s sprinkling quite a few surprises into HTC Sense 3.0 and another one of those surprises has been revealed on the HTC Sensation – a new keyboard! This one isn’t much different in style from the HTC-bred keyboard we’re used to on other Sense devices, but the one here does one very cool thing – it lets you Swype! That’s not what they’re calling it, of course – their official name for it is HTC Trace. There isn’t much to explain here if you’ve used Swype before, but in case you haven’t allow me clue you in.

You simply take your finger and trace through the letters of the word you want to spell without lifting them until you want a space character. If all goes right, the word will magically pop up as if you typed each letter individually. Once you get the hang of it, this style of keyboard feels really natural and can be a lot faster than typing on a hardware QWERTY keyboard. (I’m actually slower using one of those.) It’s expected to be a part of all Sense 3.0 devices which – for now – are only the HTC Sensation and the HTC EVO 3D. [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wait, doesn’t Swype have to get credit for something like that?

  2. It depends, do they have a patent on the feature? If so, then yes, it’s quite possible that Swype should receive recognition. It’s quite possible Swype is giving them license, since Swype can’t work properly with the Thunderbolt because of a problem with that version of Sense.

    Personally, I hope that 3.0 comes out soon for the Thunderbolt. One less thing I’ll have to worry about working properly!

  3. Lawsuits… Up the ass.

  4. good to see htc innovating. lol

    1. What’s his sexual orientation have to do with anything?

      1. It doesn’t, I was just throwing that out there. Clearly Qk isn’t feeling it…

  5. HTC Sensation will be a slam dunk! I cant wait for this phone to come out!

  6. Really looking forward to this phone. Nice buzz building about it – fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint. Like the idea that this feature is built in – though not if they have done the dirty on swype.

  7. Quentyn – Faster than a hardware keyboard? Depends on the keyboard. Try a sidekick. #SK4G Fastest yet.

    1. The HTC Touch Pro2 had the best hardware keyboard ever created. (period)

    2. I’m much faster on a virtual keyboard, plus it’s easier to use auto complete/auto correct with a virtual keyboard. I will never buy a qwerty keyboard again. Most of my texting is done on my google voice extension on Chrome anyway so I don’t even touch my phone unless I’m on the go.


    And HTC just wants to be sued for patent infringement time and time again.

  9. I wonder if they are actually working with swype here and just allowing this tech to be integrated into their soft keyboard. Many HTC devices are coming with swype (or receiving OTA updates to receive swype)

  10. Never really cared for Swype all that much, but I certainly wish Google would do something with BlindType! Is it just me, or did Google just buy them so no one else could?

  11. I really like the HTC keyboard but I also like Swype, each has a couple of annoying annoyances though which the other does correctly so hopefully the combination of the 2 will be the perfect keyboard.

  12. Doesn’t matter…only 1GB internal storage=fail.

    I have no useless apps on my G2 now, and I use more than 1GB…and that’s with app2sd.

    1. Nothing more fail than that G2. Nice hinge. If you have more than a GB of apps on your phone, I’ll show you apps you barely, if ever, use.

      1. I won’t even address u on the G2 fail part because that’s just ridiculous.

        As for not using apps on my phone, I clearly stated that none of the apps on my phone are useless, which means that yes, I use them all. Next I suppose someone will tell me to not download so many games. On MY phone. Psshh.

        Bottom line is, forget the G2…there is no reason to have only 1 Gig on any high end device, much less a flagship phone.

    2. Have trouble buying that. I currently have 310+ apps on my incredible with 300mb free out of 700mb i started with. Dont see anyway you could get over qa gig of apps….

  13. Swype for the win !
    Best keyboard ever !

  14. lol swype like keyboard? It is swype!!

  15. I’m sure that htc has some sort of agreement with swype. It looks just like the version on the my touch 4g with an upgrade or two.

  16. Just further technology that will appear in the Sensation and Evo 3d that seperates them from other manufracturers. Htc Sense 3.0 rules all UI….

    1. Since you told me to keep my opinions to myself. I’ll give you the same treatment. Stop spreading your useless opinions on these articles. No one cares.

      How does that feel?

  17. Fuck htc

  18. Sorry… I just can’t do swype. And I type faster than it anyways… stock keyboard or swiftkey…

  19. cool!! i think the keyboard will look like in iphone but i like the HTC keyboard..any ways

  20. So you can type on the keyboard like a regular Sense keyboard and if you want you can SWIPE it as well?

  21. Hope the keyboard works more like ShapeWriter because it was easier than swype…for me at least.

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