Apr 26th, 2011

With only a few more weeks until the Galaxy S II is released in the UK, you can find bits and pieces of Samsung’s new Touch Whiz 4 strewn about all over XDA-Developers. I’m sure if you asked Samsung whether or not current generation Galaxy S phones will receive an update to the newest Touch Whiz, they will give you some excuse of a lack of hardware to support it.

Well, the guys over at XDA are here to disprove that. Some developers have actually managed to get a system dump from the Galaxy S II, alive and kicking on the first generation Galaxy S. Although the ROM is far from bug free, it will let you test drive Samsung’s new Touch Whiz 4 (at the risk of bricking your device of course). As you can see by the video below, Touch Whiz 4 seems to be running rather smoothly on Samsung’s “old” hardware. Once the developers get to squashing a few more bugs, I will definitely be flashing this onto my brother’s Samsung Vibrant and will most likely record the entire process for your viewing pleasure.

[Via XDA]

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