Current Generation Galaxy S Phones Recieve Touch Whiz 4 Port [Video]


With only a few more weeks until the Galaxy S II is released in the UK, you can find bits and pieces of Samsung’s new Touch Whiz 4 strewn about all over XDA-Developers. I’m sure if you asked Samsung whether or not current generation Galaxy S phones will receive an update to the newest Touch Whiz, they will give you some excuse of a lack of hardware to support it.

Well, the guys over at XDA are here to disprove that. Some developers have actually managed to get a system dump from the Galaxy S II, alive and kicking on the first generation Galaxy S. Although the ROM is far from bug free, it will let you test drive Samsung’s new Touch Whiz 4 (at the risk of bricking your device of course). As you can see by the video below, Touch Whiz 4 seems to be running rather smoothly on Samsung’s “old” hardware. Once the developers get to squashing a few more bugs, I will definitely be flashing this onto my brother’s Samsung Vibrant and will most likely record the entire process for your viewing pleasure.

[Via XDA]

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  1. Nobody likes TouchWiz though….

    1. Touchwiz 4 actually looks good. And I never thought I would like Touchwiz. Same goes for the new version of motoblur that was leaked for the Droid x. I always thought vanilla was best, but with a skin that actually improves the experience I would actually look for a phone with that skin, regardless of a locked bootloader.

      1. *Gasp*
        Vanilla or gtfo

        1. I’ve always been a fan of Rocky Road.. o_O

      2. I can find something good about each different skin, with the exception of motoblur. I think it’s hideous and really doesn’t add anything to the user experience.

        1. As I own the original moto cliq (yes huge mistake) I agree about how awful motoblur is!!!! It is aweful! BUT the poster above me is 100% right the NEW motoblur runs SUPER quick (arguably faster than stock, idk how) and the UI is sooo much better than the old blur, same with touch wiz hated the old but the new looks actually somewhat appealing. I do love stock android but skins are looking up from comparisons of old versions

          1. I don’t care how fast blur runs. I simply cannot stand what it does with contacts, redundant sign ins, inadequate moto servers….. No thank you.

            Would it be asking too much of these companies to make this crap capable of being TURNED OFF by the end user and purchaser of these devices?

    2. You’re incorrect. I have a Nexus One and grew tired of the stock launcher. When I got my Vibrant, I found I like Touchwiz very much and have spoken with many others that like Touchwiz as well. When I flashed Bionix 1.3.1 onto my Vib, I had my choice of stock or Touchwiz… I chose Touchwiz…

    3. I really dont see what ppl dont like in even the original touchwiz, sure it comes with a few extra uneeded apps, and has a horrible looking launcher the internals such as music and video player are great in my opinion, stock players just look so effing plain

      1. “horrible looking launcher” IS original touchwiz.
        so no one likes it. Including me <- SGS i9000 owner

        But I can agree the new TW is awesome on the SGS II. I'll try this once it becomes more stable.

    4. nobody like you either

  2. Probably you don´t, but I like it…
    No everybody are Trolls.

    1. Who are you talking to? lol

      1. Jaestoner01?

        1. To DaSofter8, I don´t know why my post is too down in the comments

  3. Yay, now my iPhone ripoff can look even more like an iPhone ripoff :D.

    1. Actually, TW2 is a lot less iPhonish than the previous iterations.

  4. Who the hell wants this port…..!!!!!!!

  5. Screw that! Stock Android sucks ASS! not enough bells and whistles TW Rocks TW II must kick ASSSSS!

  6. I got so burned by the galaxy s (vibrant) with it’s broken gps, plus it had more bugs than my g1, mt3g, and n1 combined. So not only was the hardware screwed up, touchwiz was an embarrassment to developers everywhere. And of course they didn’t legitimately fix the gps, they just left their product’s hardware broken and I guess i could just screw myself. fuck your whore mother samsung, for raising such an incompetent, greedy, pompous, self centered jerk off of a company

  7. Touchwiz’s is nice.. I choose stock bionix rom’s only kuz I use adw.. But man the music player, and all the other little add ons are nice.. Only thing that sucks is slower updates! But samsung already upgraded galaxy s to gingerbread! So nice hardware and software.. Looks like samsung is taking over the android market as well! I own two of their led monitors, good shxt! Can’t wait to get my hands on the galaxy s 2,.. My brother (vibrant) my other brother (g2, mytouch 4g) and myself (vibrant) are all looking forward to buying, hopefully, the sgs2

  8. get rid of the ios icons and this doesn’t look bad.
    hope supertom’s alright, sounds like he’s having a stroke.

  9. Touch wiz 4.0…….FAIL……..

    1. How? You don’t say anything about how it “FAIL[s]”. Have the balls to back up your opinions…

  10. If you can get to download mode it is very, very difficult to brick a SGS…

  11. “As you can see by the video below, Touch Whiz 4 seems to be running rather smoothly on Samsung’s “old” hardware. ”

    I wan’t aware that touch wiz had EVER run smoothly on any device EVER.

    Seriously, samsung needs to stop wizzing on their phones

  12. Why would I want TouchWiz on my phone anyway. Give me a working Sense ROM instead.

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