Acer Iconia Smart Passes FCC And Headed For AT&T?


It wasn’t too long ago Phandroid got some hands-on time with Acer’s unique, 4.8 inch smartphone/tablet, the Iconia Smart. Acer promised we would see the phone hit stateside April, 2011 but the month is nearly over and some are left wondering exactly what happened? Well, it looks like the Iconia Smart has just passed FCC and while I don’t think we will be seeing an April launch, I do think we can expect the phone very, very soon.

In case you needed a little reminder, the phone comes equipped with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB or ROM/RAM, 2MP front facing camera, 8MP rear facing camera and all the usual fixin’s. Oh, and who could forget the oddly long 4.8 inch, 1024×480 resolution display. It also appears the U.S. version of the Iconia Smart might be heading to AT&T seeing how its the only carrier who’s 3G bands support the phone’s 850, 1900 and 2100MHz frequencies.

Anyone interested in what Acer’s cooking or do you think the’ve had a little too much of what Kyocera might have been smoking?

[Via FCC]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Always art they suck can’t any good companies get these phones

    1. I think AT&T will be considered “good” once they finally absorb T-Mobile. I mean… they’ll be “#1”

  2. I wish htc would come up with a 4.8 inch Evo model that would be great. I like the idea of 4.8 inch smartphone just not with the above stated specs. I wish Acer well

    1. I’m definitely not complaining about 4.3. I think its the perfect size. I would mind getting something a little slimmer (I like my phones paper thin for some reason) =p

  3. 4.8 in wow

  4. Cool so we can get hands on the Acer 4.8 smartphone soonn??

    i bet it wil look like a tablet instead of a phone.

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