Xperia Mini Pro II Shown Side-By-Side With Original


It’s not like Sony Ericsson to allow leaks to go on for so long without as much as a quick mention of a device’s existence (with the Xperia Play being an obvious exception), but we still haven’t learned about what looks to be the successor to the Xperia Mini Pro.

This time, it’s shown up in a slew of new images alongside the very device it’s replacing. The differences in hardware are clear, but it still won’t stray too far from Sony Ericsson’s original model both in hardware and software. Check out a few more shots at the source link. [GSMArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The appeal of the original Mini Pro for me was it’s dinky size – I quite fancied one as a cheap little space-saver to take out with me when I was out on the lash. Wouldn’t be worried about losnig it so much as my main phone, and the physical keyboard makes it easy to drunk-type. They could’ve shoe-horned a bigger screen into the original chassis, updated the processor and ram, and called it a day. But the increased size of the successor makes it less attractive to me.

  2. lol old news… like 5 days ago?

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