Leaked Pics of a Mysterious New Multi-core Motorola Handset


DroidLife is showing off some pics they were sent of an apparent multiple core, 12MP, qHD display, 1900mAh battery packin,’ unannounced Motorola handset. When it comes to Motorola and Nvidia, we’ve received our fair share of leaked roadmaps and shadowy handsets but this? I can’t barely tell if I’m looking at the pics upside down or if the person responsible tried to paint on his phone using White Out. I mean, honestly – why do tipsters always use the blurriest cameras and get attempt to get the worst angles? But I digress. Here’s some shots of the madness.

I’m going to have to go to the jury on this one. Whats your verdict? Could this be the Targa? Possibly the Bullet or Jet? Or did this guy try to make a ghetto white version of his Droid X?

[Via DroidLife]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Nexus???..I wish

    1. I agree wish verizon would get 1 nexus

    2. Rumors are Nexus 3 will also be a Tegra 3 phone and be mae by LG.

  2. Above the “Motorola” does look a little like my Droid X, and the orientation of the USB and HDMI looks just like it. Weird, I’m clueless. ?:|

    The white just looks misplaced to me. *shrug*

    1. the other pics they have show droid x in some of the pics so I wouldn’t put too much into this it doesnt look any different than what they have out now

  3. whatever it is, it looks a little on the thick side.

    1. oh, and that’s what she said

      1. If you do it to yourself it doesn’t count

        1. oh and thats what she said (to connor)

          1. These replies are full of win…

      2. heresay!

  4. 12MP?!? Well that’ll look craptacular coming out of such a tiny sensor.

  5. It’s not white, it’s just the flash reflecting off metal.

  6. Atrix / Bionic like device for Sprint???? or the Nexus 3?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  7. One thing better be that it has an unlocked boot loader… That’s why I’ll never buy a moto device…

  8. Great another manufacturer that instead of improving their current capable handsets, they make more phones to further fragment Android and cause devs headaches because of incompatibility. Also delaying updates.

    But i love Android and I’m happy with my well supported Nexus S

    1. It’s not just a “new phone” the way HTC makes new phones lately by repackaging them and giving them a new name. It’s a next gen phone with a quad core chip. Would you prefer they stop making any phone for the next 5 years?

  9. It looks like a DROIDX that’s been painted white and fitted with a custom battery cover along with one of those super extended batteries.

  10. To me, that first shot kinda looks like it has a slide out keyboard. Droid 3 maybe?

  11. Motorola Targa.

  12. I dont see this being a droid x. what ever it is, has a slide out key board. Look at the top pic and you can see a split between the two sections

    1. The Droid X has a similar split. Alot of us thought it was a slider too in X rumor threads.

      It could be a slider, but the Droid X has the same kind of split.

  13. I believe the bullet and the targa are one and the same.

  14. wow really? as soon as I get my next tablet and phone I’m through with followin this mess just tired of it..maybe ill focus on roms and rootin etc..

  15. The verdict….another shitty motorola product.

  16. Article stolen from droidlife according to the watermarks…

    1. Are you serious? Look who the source is and read the very first word of the article.

  17. That’s a painted Droid X with an extra panel on the back, I’m certain.

  18. You can even see the poor paint job on the bottom side.

  19. I do not consider this guy a tipsters pictures like this exist for one reason… to start rumors.

    and I agree with David Bonner. Looks like flash reflection to me.

  20. Bout to post some leaked pics of me not giving a shit about another motorola locked bootloader phone!

  21. revamped bionic mabey

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