Apr 25th, 2011

It seemed almost inevitable for smartphones: after Apple jumped ahead to an early lead in the smartphone race, the singular manufacturer would be quickly outpaced as Android showed up on handsets of all shapes, makes, and price points. Could the same eventually hold true for Android tablets in their fight against the iPad? If you ask Michael Dell, CEO of computer manufacturer Dell, the answer is yes. Dell admits the hour may be far off, but points to Android’s rise to smartphone supremacy as proof positive the shift could happen:

“Not tomorrow. Not the next day. But again, if you look at 18 months ago, Android phones were like, “What is that?” And now there are more Android phones than iPhones. I don’t see any reason why the same won’t occur with Android tablets”

He certainly has a point, but is the comparison fair? While smartphones drop in price and see consistent competition bringing about new features, the tablet market has only recently begun to heat up but mastering the art still alludes Android tablet manufacturers. Apple again finds themselves ahead early, and the release of the iPad 2 isn’t helping Android’s cause. The ability to create a quality product at a reasonable price still eludes big name slates like the Motorola XOOM and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Dell, of course, has their own reason to be hopeful for Android on tablets. They already count two slates using Google’s OS among their lineup, and are planning at least one more entry for the summer. What do you think? Will Android once again overtake Apple and iOS? Or is the iPad’s hold on the market too much to overcome?

[via IntoMobile]

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