Leaked Dell Roadmap Names Dell’s 10-inch Tablet


It had been assumed the the 10-inch tablet upcoming from Dell would fall into the Streak lineup, but a new tablet roadmap is confirming the name as the Dell Streak Pro. The roadmap also includes a few specs we can expect in the upcoming Honeycomb tablet. The screen will (obviously) be a 10-incher and will run at 1280×800 pixels. It will feature the NVIDIA Tegra T25.

Unlike the original Streak, the Streak Pro will be data only — no voice calls on this one. But there will be a cam and mics for video chat. The Dell Stage 1.5 interface and enterprise application stack should provide some corporate-level usability. The tablet is listed as coming in June, but this is unconfirmed as recent rumors suggest we won’t see it until fall.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. It’s the Dell Steak Pro!

    Anyone else misread that?

  2. I wanna see that 13 incher convertable tab

  3. Maybe they will not put a tiny battery in there this time like in the Streak 7.

  4. The Dell Streak 5 desperately needs a refresh – 1280×768, dual core, better camera, etc. Hopefully they aren’t giving up on that form factor. I’m not interested in any 7″ or larger device besides my laptop.

  5. active pen support only for the win7 tablets? I guess htc really is ahead of the pack.

  6. Is anyone even checking for Dell anymore?

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