Droid Incredible 2 and Casio Commando Demo Units Arriving in Stores


April 28th is looking to be a big day for Android phones at Verizon, and while only one — the Samsung Droid Charge — has been formally announced signs still point towards the Droid Incredible 2 and Casio g’z0ne Cammonado landing on the same date. Take for example demo units of the both handsets arriving in Verizon stores.

The Commando we have heard rather little of, but it is the first Android entry into Casio’s rugged g’z0ne lineup. The life-resistant phones are no stranger to Verizon’s networks. While the Droid Incredble 2 is the anticipated follow up to last year’s hit phone, the Commando intrigues us here, simply for it’s unique features in Verizon’s lineup.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. This is such a hard decision! Should I go with the dinc 2 which I know will be more than capable but is lacking 4g which I actually have in my area, or do I go with the Droid charge but lose out with crappy build quality and lack of updates? Or do I wait for the bionic/targa but then have a locked bootloader? Every gut in my body is telling me to go with the charge so I could snag the unlimited 4g before it’s tiered. What do you guys think?

    1. I say…..dont support samsung’s crappy phone

    2. If you want updates, a more easily hacked bootloader, good build quality, and to snag all-you-can-eat 4G why not just pick up a Thunderbolt? I imagine the battery issues will be worked out in the near future, the custom ROMs sound like they help too.

      1. I have the TB and with the latest update people are reporting much better battery life. I never had much of an issue(I’m just used to it with HTC phones) that the battery would last me most of the day

        1. Even more reason for him to look at the Thunderbolt.

          I think HTC build quality is still a step ahead after owning both HTC and Motorola products, regardless of battery quality anyway.

          And even more so after trying out a family member’s Fascinate. LOL.

          1. The sad thing is that samsung does have good hardware its just used on phones you would hardly use. The Europe version of the Samsung Focus(Ominia 7) has a solid built that makes the Thunderbolt looks inferior you know besides the kickstand. If Samsung put that nice built on the GS2 line i bet they would be the best 2011 cellphones. With Android 2.3, a skin that surpasses Sense in some ways and takes notes from the UI of Honeycomb i think GS2 would be a hit. But me personally i’ll wait for quad core phones, with dual core phones seems as short as the time it took Honeycomb to be announced right after Gingerbread.(A couple of months)

          2. OOOO Richard knows how to link to a youtube video that has absolutely nothing to do with the material being discussed. Old dog, same old crappy tricks. Way. To. FAIL.

    3. If you’re going to wait for the Bionic, you might as well wait for the Verizon version of the Pyramid/Sensation or the Galaxy S2 (which I’m getting). Samsung phones have unlocked bootloaders from what I’ve seen. It’s not like any other manufacture will get the next update before xda anyways. The Galaxy S2 slammed the Pyramid as far as benchmarks so I know I’ll be happy with it. It’s hard to lag when you have as much power as it does. Touchwiz 4 is looking pretty strong though.

    4. The Charge will almost certainly not lack timely update support. It’s a Droid branded phone, unlike the Fascinate and Continuum, and Verizon’s got too many of their eggs in that basket to let it languish without updates. On top of that you do get the 4G, a much nicer display, and likely a better GPU(if you’re into games). But yes, build quality likely won’t be as nice, and Sense is still a nicer interface.

      1. If this was a GS2 device then the interface would be nice as Sense and maybe better then it. Sadly for some reason Samsung is allowing most carriers besides Sprint to release another Galaxy device. Verizon with the Droid Charge, At&t with the Infuse 4G, and Tmobile with Galaxy S 4G. All of these have been appeared after the fact that GS2 was around the corner. And most of these devices may suffer bloatware that can slow down the phone drastically. The only device that stands out the most is the infuse with it SAMOLED+ display that 4.5 inches big. Which is pushing the limited how big phones should be. The Dell Streak did something similar but it was mostly considered a tablet with phone features especially with the Froyo update that included Dell tablet like UI. But hopefully the next GS2 line of phones will be more alike each other then completely different so software will be easily updated like Iphone on each carrier in western countries.

  2. Just get a Thunderbolt if u plan on goin the HTC route, and want 4G, along with unlimited data for the next two years before the data pricing changes….which I have a feeling will be happening before the biotic comes out….and probably a lot sooner than we all think

  3. I was looking at the gs2 as well but with a release in Canada in Q3 and an American release after with Verizon probably getting it last out of the four carriers, I just don’t know how long I can wait because when it is finally released on Verizon the first quad core phones are probably going to be announced or leaked. I would get the thunderbolt if it weren’t for the battery issues. Yes they may be worked out, but I don’t want to count on something that may not happen. My brother has the thunderbolt and I rooted his device and flashed it with pretty much all the roms and kerenels that say they make a difference in battery life, but he hasn’t noticed much of a difference. Maybe I’ll get the charge if the reviewers say it has decent battery life and if I don’t like it I could return it within 14 days and then buy the thunderbolt.

    1. I have the thunderbolt and my battery life is pretty good and alot of people are reporting the same after the new update leaked.

  4. im getting a evo 3d

  5. going all atrix on may 11th. It’s too exspensive to switch to verizon for my whole family and its by far the best phone on at&t. i thought about the inspire, but thats last years phone, and i really need a future proof phone to last 2 years. Plus no phone on any carrier can match the specs of the atrix. Plus there’s a finger print reader :). I know it runs motoblur but with a good launcher (ADW), i can fix that right up. so thats where im at

    1. you are in line to be disappointed?

  6. I gotta give a warning to all of you that are waiting for Galaxy SII. What confirmation do you have about it being 4G? I would bet that it will be 3G not 4G. And Verizon’s 4G network will cover their 3G network by the end of 2012, so if you ain’t living in a 4G area yet, it’s coming sooner than later.

    1. What conformation do you have that its not 4g???

  7. Casio Commando looks very innovative!!..

  8. Seems no one cares about the little Casio phone. Well, that is a shame. These phones are a great product line with the ability to take almost any damage one could dish out. Last upgrade we got the Mother-in-Law the Casio clamshell beast and she tried to break it but it still looks good and works. She see’s my girls Droid1 and now wants android, guess what I talked her into waiting for. Sorry but Grannys got butterfingers and if it holds up half as well as the previous one, life will be good.

  9. If you are into rooting stay away from the locked bootloader. Even if it is rooted, it still will lack any amount if dev support. If you don’t believe me go to xda and click on the droid x, it might have had 5 devs when I left and as far as I know they all went to thunderbolt. I loved my droid 1, even tho it only made it until the incredible came out it was still a great phone. But the new locked BL policy sucks considering android is “open source”. And there isn’t much u can do with locked bootloader. Although gingerbread seems to have really sped blur up, it still sucks.

    1. The HTC bootloaders are signed, not encrypted like motos. The thunderbolt has the same protection as the Inc2, which has been bypassed already. So please go spew this garbage to moto and leave it out of non moto related articles.

      1. and a better example is the droid pro over at xda… checking in at a whopping 0 devs. cause you can’t do shit to it, even moto cant develop working software for the thing. So ksiz has a point i stress all over phandroids moto loving site, DONT BUY A MOTO PHONE!

  10. i’m interested in the casio commando. does anyone have news on it?

  11. I have younger sisters who are usually brutal with their phones. I’ve always gotten them the Casio phones from Verizon and they hold up well to their maltreatment of their cell phones. Can’t wait for this one to come out. Their previous g’Zone phones have been indestructible. Hopefully it uses Gorilla Glass?

  12. I really want to know what kind of CPU is running in the Commando, a Snapdragon perhaps? Maybe an Omap? but I’ve never seen a TI CPU in anything but a motorola device.

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