Seesmic for Android Updated with Homescreen Shortcuts, Translation, and More


Seesmic for Android has been updated to version 1.7, further refining the popular social networking client for use with Twitter and Facebook. The goal of this update seems to be efficiency and ease of use, with the addition of several features that make accesing your favorite content easier than ever. You can now add shortcuts to your homescreen for any item within Seesmic, be it an account, the message composer, a specific user or Facebook page, etc..

Other time-saving tweaks include the ability to post the same update to several accounts with the click of a button, automatic content translation to your native language, saved searches, and more. Twitter lists and spam filters help you parse out what is most important to you. Check out the video below for the full overview.

If you have yet to download Seesmic you can grab it at the Android Market link below.

Android Market Link: Seesmic

[via Seesmic]

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  1. First!

  2. who wants 100 little stamps for shortcuts; add it all to one! my goodness!

  3. I played with Seesmic when I started using Twitter, and found that Tweetdeck was superior. One of these days maybe I’ll try Seesmic again. Is it worth it?

    1. TweetDeck is superior in my opinion as well, but 2 gripes I have with it are:

      1. It doesn’t auto start up at phone boot, meaning you have to start it up every time you turn your phone on (not really that big a deal, but it’d be nice to have it load at startup)

      2. This could just be my experience, but I think that the battery drain is a lot steeper when using this app as opposed to others (like Twicca, or the official one). Perhaps it’s because its such a big app that does quite a lot.

      I might give Seesmic another go, seeing as I haven’t used it in forever.

      I’m still waiting for a Twitter app that takes advantage of Push notifications.

  4. The biggest thing I’m more excited about is the fact that now when you press a FB or Twitter link anywhere on your phone, it will automatically go to the Seesmic app.

    Twidroyd had this for awhile. I’m glad to see other apps including this now.

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