Samsung Fascinate to Receive Update to Android 2.2 Froyo Starting Tomorrow


Verizon has just sent out word that the long-awaited Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Fascinate (the very one that saw its source code placed online last week) will start its rollout to handset owners beginning tomorrow, April 21st. Yes, we will believe it when we see it, too. Verizon has all of the documentation up on their support page for the Fascinate, including the above overview of what you can expect. Aside from the bump up to Android 2.2 and the ability to use Adobe Flash, you can expect updates to pre-installed Verizon apps, improved GPS performance, and a slew of other tweaks and fixes. Check out the source link below for all the info, and rejoice, Fascinate owners. Your wait is finally coming to a close.

[via Verizon]

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  1. wow congrats. Might as well throw that phone away.

    1. Your right because it’s outdated now.LOL almost

      1. Hardly. Aside from the new dual core phones, this one is still top of the line.

  2. Well, Well, Well.. In the most recent report on Samsung Galaxy S2, I made comments on Samsung that were unfavorable. For all of my criticism of Samsung, I am happy for those customers that have been left behind!

  3. It took them THIS long? Not buying a Samsung, since this gap of time is pure stupid.

  4. I would strongly recommend against purchasing any Verizon Wireless product. The length of time it took to release 2.2 for the Fascinate is completely unacceptable, especially in light of the fact that many other phones are already either on 2.3 or will be very shortly.

    There’s no reason to purchase a device from and enter into a contract with a company who is unable to support its products in a timely manner. You’d only be doing yourself a disservice.

    There are many other great alternatives out on the market. Avoid Verizon Wireless at all costs.

    1. I know we want to put all the blame on the carrier, but the Droid X, Incredible, Droid 1 were all updated to 2.2 already. The Droid X got it about 1-2 months after the X came out. Even the LG Ally got it a few months ago. And at one time it was thought the Ally wasnt gonna get it based on hardware.

      I read somewhere that it really could be the carrier’s fault in the US based on some contract type stuff. Its just odd that its only happening with Samsung in the US and not other manufactures.

      1. Jroc74, what about the other Galaxy S phones especially the Mesmerize which is the twin to the Fascinate why did they get Froyo before the Fascinate. It is Verizon’s fault. European Galaxy S phones have had Froyo since October 2010.

        1. Everything is always more complicated in the US vs. EU. We will never know what took them so long.

          Though if you want to pull facts, Fascinate owners were promised 2.2 end of 2010. That was pushed to early 2011 which was pushed out indefinitely. I have friends who switched away from the Fascinate for this very reason, but I stuck it out and feel a (false) sense of accomplishment for it.

          BTW, The Moron Test is free today on Amazon

      2. Its because of Verizon and there deal with adding bing as the exclusive search engine. Microsoft paid big money to screw us.

    2. your Stupid Dudee Verizon Is Better Than All Carriers
      i Bet You Dont Like Verizon Cuz You Can’t Afford It

      1. I have VZW, and I can afford it. I don’t mind paying more for top-notch service. I have not, however, gotten top-notch service here; so, why pay more for something that is sub-par?

    3. I really dont think it ws Verizons fault I think it was Samsung and V wouldn’t release it until it was the way they wanted it and without problems

      1. We’ve already had the “leaks” of this software, and they worked fine (Short of some typos)… This was wholly VZW holding things up. Most likely for Bing integration.

  5. I have this phone, and overall it’s an excellent device. Though I rooted it and took out all the Verizon garbage thrown in, for the average consumer this phone is great (provided they know how to install google maps and get voice navigated directions working).

    But yeah, I believe the update process to be horrible. I just don’t think the average consumer cares as much since he/she is most likely ignorant to which android build is on his/her phone.

  6. Will my Fascinate be updated even though its rooted? Should I unroot it first?

    1. You would have to unroot it first.

      1. thank you!

      2. Even if you never downloaded anything weird (other than Superuser) or removed any of the Verizon stuff? All I did was download superuser and titanium backup, which I never used to remove anyting. I have to unroot now?

  7. It’s about time! Don’t fully blame Samsung. The phone is Awesome, just didn’t have the 2.2 feel to it, but it will tomorrow!

  8. It’s funny how froyo 2.2 updates are big news. I have been using 2.3 for a few months now via Cyanogen Mod 7. It’s pretty shameful to see the open source (free) movement passing the legitimate hardware manufacturers by leaps and bounds. Why do I feel like a slurp should follow this posting?

    1. NO you are not on CM7. if you are it is KAO’s alpha rom which is barely functional (NTL punkkaos is doing great work and very talented). Seriously, Fascinate users deserve better….

      1. Whoops. Failed to mention I have a Droid Incredible.

        Anyway, glad to see the update for the customers that have been waiting. I do agree however, Fascinate users do deserve better.

    2. Well why you reading this one if you have 2.3 we have been waiting for 2.2 for like 8 months so it is a big deal to us

  9. Does that mean they are sending out the update in waves? or will everyone get it tomorrow?

    1. I really dont know it sounds like it’s just coming out

  10. so what? I’ve had 2.2 for a while now lol. Such are the benefits of rooting :)

  11. It’s an awesome phone with or without froyo. now it’ll be even better! Most of the phones out today can’t even compete with the Fascinate, unless you’ve got a brand new one with 4G, dual core etc. This phone will last me another year easily until my upgrade timeframe rolls around.

  12. Im done with Samsung after all this BS about Froyo and now everyone will be unhappy with it and want Gingerbread. Selling Fascinate and getting LG

  13. So where is Half Life Episode 3?

    1. Episode 3 is a lie!!!

  14. Is that an iPhone????

  15. Who cares, If you were dumb enough to buy a Samsung phone after what they did with their previous android devices, you deserve to wait 8 months.

  16. Booyah, to all the naysayers, and boohoo to me for the Bing. Oh well, work around again it seems

  17. Its. About. Time.

  18. I think it’s interesting that this got fast tracked so soon after the source code got published. I know that’s usually the way it goes, but with the muck surrounding this whole process, I think it’s all a lot of cya..

    1. And yet, I wonder if Sammy posted it because the update was imminent.

  19. Downloading update now…no, I am not dreaming!

  20. My download started tonight! Finally!!!

  21. I downloaded 2.2 last night. The phone runs so smoothly now. It is 10 fold better. It sucks we had to wait so long for the update. I’ll be switching over to HTC as soon as my contract is up. Samsung did some serious damage by leaving Fascinate owners behind.

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