Official: Samsung Replenish Will Save the Earth for $49.99


Call Captain Planet, the eco-friendly Samsung Replenish has gone official. The phone for friends of the earth isn’t your average Android device. Made from recycled plastic and shipped in Mother Nature-approved packaging, the Replenish features a 2.8-inch touch screen and QWERTY keyboard in a candy bar design. The device meets Sprint’s Eco Criteria for sustainability and energy management and gets an optional solar battery charger, both convenient to our planet and those far from a conventional electrical outlet). The Android 2.2 device gets the exclusive Sprint ID Green Pack filled with information and tools for a more earth-conscious lifestyle.

Not only is the phone friendly on the earth, but it is friendly on the pocket at a mere $49.99 on a new two-line contract. As a special offer, Sprint is waving the $10 premium data fee. The press release is a long one, head over to Sprint’s newsroom to read up on the device and the carrier’s commitment to being green.

[via Sprint]

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  1. 2.8″ screen??? really???

    1. basically the same as the Droid Pro, only less money with a better plan.

  2. Save the Earth (Godzilla vs Hedorah)

    1. Yet again, I am in awe of your mad youtube linking skills. Posting a video that has nothing to do with the article, except that both involve Sprint, just boggles my mind. I literally can’t think anymore. /sarcasm (in case you can’t tell)

  3. Theres no $10 fee? Damn, they knew it was a bad phone.

  4. I’d rather kill some woodland creatures and have a real phone. Buncha dirty hippies.

  5. A blue smartphone with a portrait qwerty, finally!

    Queue the influx of hatemongerers who diss the phone because of the “eco” moniker.

  6. How much will this cost off contract? My friend wants to switch to android from her black berry style, but wont accept anything but a portrait qwerty.

  7. 50 bucks could also buy you 9 lbs of mixed dry beans which don’t go bad and if used as your main diet core 1 person could live off that for up to 4 or 5 months…..choices choices. oh or even better, buy you that tank of gas to get you to and from work to put MORE food on your table

  8. It looks like a blue palm pixi running android. I approve!

  9. What a joke! So something trully eco griendly and don’t build it. Imagine the ‘carbon footprint’ to build and ship. The left is so easily fooled.

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