Amazon Says IGDA’s Complaints Based on Outdated Distribution Terms


The International Game Developers Association may have spoken out too soon in regards to complaints levied against Amazon and their Android Appstore pricing policies. In a response posted tot he Amazon Appstore Developers Blog, the company pointed out that the IGDA had based their claims on an outdated version of the Appstore developer policy. The terms the IDGA referred to are an abandoned HTML document; the current terms are available as a PDF accessible to developers.

Nonetheless, Amazon has updated the HTML version of their distribution terms to reflect the same policies as the PDF. References to the particular pricing policies the IGDA took issue with have been removed.

[via Androinica]

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  1. Man i love the fact that Amazon is actually fighting back from everyone trying to put claims against them. First it was the whole music cloud service incident and now this whole game pricing thing. They seem to be fighting back hard and not giving into the stupid claims. Props to amazon for sticking towards android! Right on!

    1. Thing is Amazon’s current policy still has most of the issues they raised.

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